Archivio dell'anno 2004 ...

`Σ / Frühruin´

`(As Is Started.. Before Konwn)´

`....Just Arrived´

`13 Friendly Numbers´

`18 Monkeys On a Dead Man`s Chest´

`2 Foot Yard´


`A Compressed History of Everything Ever Recorded,Vol.1´

`A Movie Without Images´

`A Temperament For Angels´ // `From Shelter´ // `The City The Wind Swept Away´ // `Los Tigres De Marte´

`A Tribute´


`Allt Hänger Samman´


`Arc, Live @ SWR Freiburg - 18.04.00´ // `Land, Live @ Rausch - 05.11.02´

`Archival 1991´



`Bananafish #17´

`Berlin Strings´

`Black American Flag´

`Black Immure (Music from the Casa de Serralves in Twelve Phases)´

`Blues Du Jour´


`Bridges´ // `Building Blocks´

`Broken Distant Fragrant´ // `tu m' And The Magical Mystery Orchestra´ // `Lib. Fabric Compilation´





`Chris Forsyth, Chris Heenan´

`Città Sottili / Slender Towns´

`Compositions For Guitars´

`Contre-plongée [six cuts for string quartet]´

`Costarring From Cherry Farm 01´


`Creature Comforts´ // `Miles of Smiles´

`Cuatro + Vocal Recordings´

`Delay On My Pillow´ // `L`incandescence de l`étoile´ // `La neige attend la neige´

`Dell`universo assente´

`Des Gestes Défaits´ // `63 Apparitions´


`Die Instabilität der Symmetrie´

`Die Zeit. Eine Gebrauchsanweisung. / Entleibung (Part 1, Part 3)´

`Disc 1 + [Inherited And Partially Transmitted]´

`Div/orce Series 1´


`domizilvsantifrostlive´ // `Encyclopedia-RW´

`Dorsal´ // `7X4X7´ // `Tidszon´


`Drive By´

`Drums Along The Pacific´

`Durch Und Durch´



`EP C´


`Escape Songs´

`Europe 2002´


`Fata Morgana´

`Fire Chorus´

`Flashlight Seasons´

`Floating Point´


`For The Time Being´

`Friendly Fire´

`Further Consequences Of Reinterpretation´

`Garage#5 - Zwischen Bild und Ton´

`Giorgio Rigon´

`Harmonica F`ever´ // `Albúmina Blues´ // `North And South Neutrino´ // `Live In Chicago´ // `Whistling Kettle Quartet´ // `10.000 Chickens Symphony´

`Hikari Yami, Uchitokeaishi, Kono Hibiki´ // `Koko´ // `This Melting Happiness - Want You To Realize That It Is Another Trap´

`Hudson Riv´


`Ianus´ // `Aus Freien Stücken´

`If night is a weed and day grows legs´

`Immaterial 2´

`In Attesa, nel labirinto´






`La vera macchina d`argento´ // `Medves´


`Law Speed´

`Le Désastre. L`Humanité! (Monochrome Block Circuits)´ // `Maternage, part-object, contingency, casuality, horrible memories, negation ... & blind!´

`Le spectre de la rose´

`Lead Singer´

`Lesson No. 1 [Bonus Track]´

`Like A Packed Cupboard But Quite...´ // `Now There`s A Weird Taste In My Mouth´

`Live At Audio Art Festival 03´

`Live at Cafe Independants - Friday 23 January 2004´

`Lost Marbles´

`Louden Up Now´

`Mammal Class´

`March(e)ingegno Sonoro´

`Material´ // `3e Jour´

`Memoirs Of Four Discarded Objects´


`Miles Mix Files´ // `La città è piccola di notte e mi sento un cane´ // `2=X´

`Mit Dem NMUI in so 36 '79´

`Moltitudine in labirinto´

`Momentan Def.´

`More Gloom, More Light ´ // `Nmperign + Dorner, Beins´ // `We devote every effort to offer you the best that you deserve to have for your enjoyment´

`Mount Washington´ // `Team Up´


`Musica Reticolare´

`My Favorite Strings´

`N'ecoutez Pas On´

`No Furniture´

`No man put asunder´ // `(untitled 7-inch)´

`No Need To Be Lonesome´

`North Six´ // `Never Give Up On The Margins Of Logic´

`Not Overtly Orchestral´

`Nu Frequency´


`Object Set And Motion´

`Objects 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 e 6´

`One Mutant Minute: Based On Noto's 747´

`Organ And Silence´

`Organic Resonance´

`Papercuts´ // `Jon Mueller, Bhob Rainey & Jim Schoenecker´

`Parallel Easters´

`Pea Soup´

`Pigs Of The Roman Empire´

`Pink Shark´ // `The Planet: Transport´ // `TV Pow. Powerful Friends And Devoted Lovers´




`Prakriti´ // `Transmutations´

`Process And Passion´

`Product 02´


`Quatro-Eronic-Occupy Theme`s Part II´

`Quien Sabe?´

`Q´ // `Which Side Are You On´


`Radio Amor´

`Rampotanza Grodo Rempelente´ // `Sosina Arada Mica´

`Real Hair´ // `Behind The Barber´

`Reazioni pilomotorie´

`Recorded Live At EF Gallery/Bar, March 18th, 2004´

`Red v Green´

`Rejoicing In The Hands´

`Rhythm Science: Excerpts and Allegories from the Sub Rosa Audio Archive'

`River Through Howling Sky´


`Room With Sky´

`Rosolina Mar´ // `EAReNOW´

`Rostock - Namur´

`Rubble 1´


`Rumors... Of War´

`Sachiko M & Sean Meehan´


`Semi Peterson´

`Sguardi Sonori 2004´

`Six Residua´


`So In Love´

`Solo [3]´ // `Percussionist Songs´ // `Miramar´ // `Berlin Drums´

`Songs For Nicolas Ross´


`Space Hymn - The Complete Capitol Recordings´

`Stella del mare´

`Still Important Somekind Not Normally Seen (Always Not Unfinished)´

`Stille Post´

`Strange Love´


`Sung Tong´

`Superfici Sonore #3: IXEM - Firenze 25 26 27 Giugno 2003´

`Tape/Operette - opera remixes´


`Tesa Musica Marginale´

`The Allegorical Power Series Volume VII, December 2003´

`The Bolomo Mogal F Hits´

`The Collected Poem For Blind Lemon Jefferson´

`The Complete 10-inch Series From Cold Blue´

`The Dessert´

`The Power Of Del te´

`The Psyche´

`The Real New Fall LP (Formerly `Country On The Click´)´

`The Sweetness Of The Water´

`The Thing Like Us´

`The Third Mind´

`The Well Of Memory´


`Three Overpopulated Cities Built By Short-Sighted Planners, An Unbalanced And Quite Dangerous Airport And An Abandoned Church´

`Tiger Trush´ // `Funny Rat´ // `48´ // `Loose Community´ // `Bon Voyage!´

`Time-based Landascapes´

`Tirets´ // `Intimations´ // `Three Tracks´

`To Be An Animal Of Real Flesh´

`Trebly´ // `Live At The Nervous Center´


`Two Novels: Gaze / In The Cochlea´

`Unstable Friends´



`Void´ / `Full´


`Weather Report´

`Weightless Animals´

`Welcome To My World´

`Wet Summertime Bodies Play Harps Inside Snow Banks´

`Why Everything Ended Here?´


`You Fail Me´

`Young Prayer´

`Yours Gray´

`Yuletide´ // `Forcefields And Constellations´

`Zehn Tage (Touka)´

``Next´ Let`s Try Changing The Shape´ // `Black Blues´ // `Black Blues´ // `Undecided´

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