Archivio dell'anno 2006 ...

`... A Gift for ... (°!°)´

`1981´ // `Pop Ambient 2006´

`7 Million´

`A Delay Is Better´ // `Skymother Mountain´

`A Low Carbonation´

`A M.B. Iehn Tale´

`A Personal Account Of Conflict´

`A Post-Fordist Parade In The Strike Of Events´

`A Strange Day´

`A Thousand Incidents Arise´

`A Year Of The Aural Gauge Operation´

`A-A:Alpha.Beta_Errata Corrige´ // `Circostanze (Tribute to Phill Niblock)´

`Acoustic & Semiacoustic´

`Airre´ // `In A Persian Market´ // `The Consumer CD´ // `Das Duz Dae Duz Das´


`Ancora Saigon´

`Angles Of Repose´ // `The Eleventh Hour´


`Annihilate This Week´ // `Red Room´ // `Figure 2´


`April`s Fool´





`Aube Reworks Stefano Gentile´

`Automatic Guerrini´ // `Unclocked´

`Axel Dörner & Robin Hayward´ // `Activity Center & Phil Minton´



`Backyard Vol. 2´


`Baptism & Birthday´

`Before and After Dinner´

`Before The Libretto´

`Bending The Tonic´

`Between Neck & Stomach´


`Big Ears - Fitzgerald`s Manifesto´

`Bipolar / Wring the Wrist´

`Bird Heart in Wool´

`Black Ships ate the Sky´


`Blog On Rimbaud´ // `Standard And Normal´


`Check Point Charlie 2005´


`Colour Green´


`Comes To Your House´

`Common Chord´


`Contrappunti´ // `Cantina Tapes´

`Crown Of Marches´ // `Horse Frenzy´

`Dalbukki´ // `White Room´

`Dark Skies At Noon´

`Dataplex´ // `Fflux´

`Dead Drunk´

`Demons from Nipples´



`Don't Remember´

`Drones For Diasporas´

`Dub Ainu Deluxe´

`Duo...´ // `Rocca´



`Electric Violence´

`Emerald Stars´

`End Of Summer´ //`Gliding Clerks´ // `Oleo Strut´ // `Polvere´


`Essays On Radio: Can I Have 2 Minutes Of Your Time´

`Essence of 3EEM´

`Every Still Day´

`Everyone Alive Wants Answers´



`Fair & Square´

`Farewell Aldebaran´


`Filament Box´

`First Thus´ // `Architectures On Air And Other Works´

`Five Feet From Home´

`Flowers You Can Eat´

`Flux Compendium´ // `Gauticle´

`Folk Roots, New Routes´ // `Folk, Blues & Beyond...´ // `Rock On´

`For birds, planes & cello (a continuous field recording with cello)´


`Fuck Work´

`Fugues´ // `Broken Wings Lead Arms To The Sun´

`Giuseppe Ielasi´

`Glissandro 70´

`Going Round In Serpentines´

`Hang Over Sunday´

`Healing Memories And Other Scattering Times´ // `Invisible Pyramid: Elegy Box´

`Heartworn Highways´

`Helping Hand´

`Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method´


`Hidden Or Just Gone´

`Hito´ // `Kusa´

`Homeogryllus Japonicus Orchestra 2004´

`Hundloka, Flockblomstriga 1´

`I Hope You are well, I am and I send you my fingers´

`I.K.K. - Purpur´


`Improvised music for Imaginary Films´

`In My Father's House Are Many Mansions´

`In the Morning Twilight´

`Incidental Amplifications´

`Inside A Moving Machine´



`Introduction´ // `Live in Paris´

`It`s Morning´

`I`m ep here´


`Just Before Dawn´

`Kaikkeuden Kauneus Ja Kasittamattomyys´ // `Sateenkaarisuudelma´

`Kainkwatett´ // `Seumsund / Sundseum´ // `Spare Parts & The Ideology Toolkit´

`Key on a tongue´ // `Con le dovute eccezioni (la tregua reggerà )´ // `Zeno´

`Kill The Vultures´

`Kiss the light goodbye´

`Kokoro Mayikibo´

`Krško - Valencia´


`L'Orfeo Concluso´


`Lay Your Soul Bare´

`Laze biose´

`Le baptªme de la solitude´ // `Free For(m) Rimbaud´ // `Platessa´

`Lengvai / 60 x One Minute Audio Colours Of 2kHz Sound´

`Longitude / Cratere´

`Looping I-VI (and other assorted love songs)´

`Lumottu Karkkipurkki´ // `Kellari Juniversumi (reprint)`

`L`addimmuru´ // `Teufeltanzmasken´


`L`après, l`(a)-Dieu (40mt, under)´

`L`écurie´ // `Satanische Vrede´

`L`île re-sonante´ // `Elemental II´

`Manuale audiofonico sull`assenza di senno´ // `Il Duo Azure´ // `Live at Barcone - Torino - 16.10.2004´

`Martedì 11 Luglio 2006 @ Auditorium di Roma´

`Memento Rumori´

`Memory Like Water´

`Memory Makes Noise´

`Metaprogramming From Within The Eye Of The Storm´ // `Gelbe Tupfen´


`Mini Dakedo Demo Album´

`Musica onirica per film immaginari´




`Night Life´


`Not Alone´

`Ochre Land, Blue Blue Skies´ // `Misenlian´ // `Cloud´

`Oggi ho indossato la tua mancanza´



`Out To Lunch´


`Paesaggi di Libero Ascolto´

`Paquet Surprise´

`Pelt´ // `Catonapotato´ // `The Naive Shaman´

`Piano Improvisations´ // `Solo Piano´


`Plans Drawn in Pencil´

`Plays Polmo Polpo´

`Pneuma´ // `Solo Voce´ // `Songs To Cry By For The Golden Age Of Nothing´

`Pour un pianiste (1973 - 1974)´

`Preghiera per una stella´ // `Gravescapes´ // `Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?´


`Prontuario per giovani foglie´

`Psicopatologia del Serial Killer´

`Punctum Contra Punctum´

`Quatre tonalités pour enceintes urbaines´ // `Chloral Works I & II´

`Queezy Epiphany Coming Through The Wall´ // `Stop Touching My Cat´ // `Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse´


`Raus Aus Stavanger´

`Rebuilding Pantaleone`s Tree´

`Rectal Exploration´

`Resonant Objects´

`Reveal'd To None As Yet - An Expedience To Utterly Vanish Consciousness While Still Alive´ //`PSF & Alchemy (20th Anniversary Live)´

`Rex Xhu Ping´


`Ridin' The Stang´

`Roots and Fruits´

`Sanhedolin´ // `Tokyo Flashback 5´

`Sauna: Um, Dois, Trªs´

`Saw Mill Man´

`Scatole Sonore (2 Marzo 2006)´ // `Scatole Sonore (6 Aprile 2006)´

`Scatole Sonore (5 Gennaio 2006)´ // `Scatole Sonore (2 Febbraio 2006)´

`Scatole Sonore - 1 dicembre 2005´ // `Scatole Sonore - 5 gennaio 2006´

`Secousses Panoramiques´ // `Air.ratio´


`Simulando un Refugio´

`Singles. Period.´



`Small Explosions that are yours to keep´ // `Norden´


`Songs and Sounds´

`Soundtrack Stories´


`Spoil, Microbe´ // `First Cut´

`Spring Estuary´




`Swimming In It´

`Switch Parmenide´



`The Album´

`The Amateur Hermetic´ // `Product 06´ // `Untitled # 164´ // `The Air In The Sand´

`The Anabaptist Loop´

`The animation of lists and the archytan transpositions´ // `Gestaltsystem 0 :: Possible forms´

`The Ape Of Naples´

`The Circle Is Not Round´

`The Clearing´

`The Complete Guide to Insufficiency´

`The Day´

`The Empty Space´

`The Even Times´

`The Garden Of Brokenness´

`The Golden Morning Breaks´

`The House of Mourning´

`The Men Album´

`The Monkeys in The Zoo Have More Fun Than Me´

`The Quality Of Something Audible´

`The Red Tower´

`The Return Of The 120 Magicians´

`The Sea Looks Green When The Sky Is Grey´

`The Tail Of The Tiger´

`The Topography Of The Lungs´

`The traditions of the past cannot be retrieved´

`The Unsaid Words´

`The Way Of The Animal Powers´ // `Growing & Mark Evan Burden´


`Timing the 183k pulse: Eleven Intuitive Act on a Defined Vamp´

`Tóg è go Bog é´ // `Here Comes The Bear´

`Trans-Sister Radio´



`Uchu Ni Karamitsuiteiru Waga Itami´ // `Global Ancient Atmosphere´ // `Venerdì 30 Settembre 2005 - Teatro Ariosto´

`Un an´

`Un Mondo in Me´

`Uncolored (swing'n'pop around rose)´




`Valve Division´ // `Piano Solo´

`Vedo Beat´

`Very Rec´ // `This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3´

`Voice In The Wilderness: Dissenting Soundscapes And Songs Of G. W.`s America´

`Vol 4´ // `Greatest Hits´ // `Fear The Windows´

`Wander (Beequeen)´

`Werthmuller´ // `Hypermagic Mountain´

`When The Detail Lost Its Freedom´

`White Rooms´


`[mezza luna piena]´

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