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`Девушки поют (Girls Sing)´

`Красота (Krasota)´

` les fleures éclosent à l`ombre´

`30.000 Feet Tarantella´

`52 songs for 52 weeks part 1/4´ // `Winterland´ // `Norfolk Motel´


`76 Kilos Laughing´

`8 Saisons à l`hombre´

`8 x 8´

`A Constant Migration [between reality and fiction]´ // `Nostalgia´ // `Fave Quotidiane´

`A Guide For The Perplexed´

`A Swampadelic Blessing of Downtown SF, The Offial Bootleg´

`A tavola con il principe´ // `Split´

`Action from the Basement´

`Aerial #1 #2 #3´

`After Dinner Black Out´


`Altered Realities´


`Ancient Silence´

`Antiguos Dólmenes Del PaleolÖtico´ // `Tape Works´ // `Kokura´

`Aquarian Hymns´ // `Kaikki Mitäunohdin Sanoa´

`Arpe eolie / Arpe eolie And Other Useless Things´

`At Your Service´

`Aube Noire´


`Baby Blue´

`Bad Ground´

`Beato colui che sarà visto coi tuoi occhi - Oropa in sogno´


`Between´ // `Love Me Two Times´ // `The Issue At Hand´

`Big Dig´

`Birds Of A Feather´

`Bows` Wind´ // `Bloom Inside Bloom Outside´

`Brainville 3, 16/06/2007, Paolo Pini, Milano´

`Brevi Momenti di Presenza´

`Cabaret per nulla´



`Classic Erasmus Fusion´



`Commuting Between The Surface & The Underworld´

`Conditions For A Piece Of Music´

`C`è Ancora Vita Su Marte´

`de - tour´

`Dentro.´ // `Study On Babe Arcane Ethology´

`Dialects´ // `This Is A Beat!´

`Do Not Destroy´


`Dog Series 1-12´

`Don Luiggi ed altri canti a-sociali´ // `At Go Go´ // `fRr(r)´

`Dreams Interrupted - The Bewilderbeat Years 1978-1980´ // `Stepping Out Of Line - The Anthology´

`Drunken Forest´


`Echoes of The Whales´

`Eco e Narciso´

`Edit Sur Passage Avant Fin Ou Montée D`instrument´


`Empty Houses Are Lonely´


`Endless Night´


`Estamos En Todas Partes´

`Eternal Castle´

`Ex Æquo´

`Ex-perimento #5´


`Eyes Set Against The Sun´

`Faded on the Blowing of Winter´ // `The Frozen Seasons of Lisergia´

`Fat Fish´

`Fauxpas´ // `A Direct Sensuous Pleasure´

`First Aid Kit´


`Folk Cycles´ // `Marches Of The New World´

`Fragile Touch Of The Coincidence´

`Fun From None - Live From No Fun Fest 2004 & 2005´

`Fuzz Orchestra´ // `Non Io´

`Geneva in neve´

`Gestuelle du blue Tempo´ // `Journey Through The Shadow Of The Sun´

`Get The People´ // `Long Play´

`Gold Sounds´

`Goodbye Moonface´



`Harpoon´ // `The Last Tree´ // `The Pirate`s Gospel´ // `Songs Whistled Through White Teeth´

`Her Name´

`Here Comes The Skinny Roller´


`Horizontal Mover (Homage To Alvin Lucier)´

`I Love Machine´

`I luoghi del potere´

`Identification With The Enemy: “A Key To The Underworld”´ // `Ku Klux Klowns´

`Idyll EP´

`Il fiore della bocca´ // `Breath On The Floor´

`Improbable Transgressions´

`In Reverie´ // `The Album`

`In The Context Of´

`In Transmediale´

`Incantations´ // `Cruelly Coy´ // `Diffrazioni Sonore´

`Incurable ep´

`Infinite Mind´ // `And I Pulled the Word `and` From My Beard´// `Deadly Space Missions´


`Intents & Purposes´

`Into The House Of Slumber´


`It Is Freezing Out´

`Itinerant Labours´

`Je Dechire l'ongle aux criminels´

`Journey To The Center Of Noise´


`Kielholen´ // `Fireproof In 8 Parts´



`La chiave del 20´

`La peggior mezzora della vostra vita´

`La Stanza di Swedenborg´

`LAB 12 #2´

`Last Days Of The Sun´


`Les danseurs de la pluie´ // `5 Rimbaud 1 Verlaine´

`Les Ondes Silencieuses´

`Lighting Ghost´

`Little Waves´

`Live & Replayed´ // `Semisferi´ // `A Herdsman`s Life´

`Live At Lab 12 - Part 1 Rev_Enf´ // `Live at Lab 12 - Part 2 Playing Other People - My Bundle Of Files´

`Live at the Cosmic Egg, 10.06.2000´

`Live At The Satyricon´

`Live! At Super Deluxe´

`Living In A Pixel´

`Look at Me´

`Love Is My Motor´

`Low Dinamic Orchestra´

`L` me sûre ruse mal´

`L`alba irradia l`inutile parola´

`L`arte di sciogliere la neve´ // `La vita sociale´

`L`Autre Cap´

`L`ocelle mare´



`Mantle EP´

`March(e)ingegno Sonoro´

`Meet the Bolton's´

`Metropolitan Meeting´

`Michigan And Arcturus´


`MiniDisc. only 3cd´ // `Three Compositions´




`Mount A´

`Muddy speaking ghosts through my machines´ // `The stones know everything´

`Music Of Richard Lerman´

`Musica per la lumaca più triste´


`Mystère du Printemps´

`Nei Paesi Novembre E` Un Bel Mese Dell`Anno´ // `Era Notte A Sud´

`New Rap´ // `Yaranaiga Dekinaikotoni Natteyuku´

`Night Dancers´

`Night Dawn Day (Music For George Romero)´

`Nocturnal Emission 1st Flight´ // `Nocturnal E (Mix) Ssion 1st Flight´


`Now´ // `Crap´

`Offret - Sacrificio´


`Oh! You are so naive!´

`One Way Ticket´

`Organ Eye´

`Ovary Lodge´

`Paint lines on your glasses look up at the stars and play them as notes´


`Part Monster´

`Pioneer´ // `Tayutafu´

`Piume che cadono´

`Plasma Expander´

`Plus vite que la musique´



`Poste e telegrafi´

`Predictable point of impact´ // `#1´

`Qualts art teex deleo´ // `Carne al fuoco´


`Radìs´ // `22:22´ // `Diario Acustico´

`Rainy Days´

`Rational Melodies / Bedtime Stories´

`Re Worked Materials :: 1999 2002 ::´


`Reharsal Fakestry´

`Resistance Cruisers´ // `Rashaya´

`Rien, Merci´

`Riverboat Styx´

`Rollerball´ // `Sitespecific for Orange Squirrel´

`Sacred Ground´ // `Snug as a Gun´ // `We Are Not Obstinate Island´

`Same Place Different Weather´ // `Beau Chien ´




`Schio | Duemilaquattro´


`Separate Chambers´

`Short Walk with Olaf´

`Sintesi da un diario´

`Six Twilights´

`Sky Diary Edits´

`Some Thoughts About Shkrang!´

`Something #1´

`Sonitus 2006´


`Sound Sculptures´


`South Of Me´ // `For Alan Lomax´

`Space Solo 1´


`Spider Smile´


`Spots In The Sun´

`Stars of the Lid and their Refinement of the Decline´

`Steeljaguar for Rocket´

`Still Living In The Desert´

`Stof´ // `Thin Air´ // `Live at the Outpost Performance Space´


`Storm´ // `Jessamine´


`Strawberry Jam´


`Stupid Love & Smart Laught´


`Sweet Noise on the Sofa´

`Swims EP´

`Talibam!´ // `Hungry Hungry Hemispheres´


`Telegraphy By The Sea´


`Tessuti - Paolo Angeli Plays Frith & Björk´ // `Mats Gustafsson / Paolo Angeli´

`Testa Piena d`orche´ // `Attimo in un wormhole´

`The Beatlerape´

`The Black Wood´ // `Axes´

`The Boy Who Floated Freely´

`The Green Morning´

`The Indeterminate Existence´ // `Luggage´

`The Missing Tapes´

`The other side of this´

`The Outstanding Story of Mr. Mallory´

`The Owl`s Map´

`The Restless Fall´ // `Don Quiból´

`The Séance At Hobs Lane´

`The Shipwreck Bag Show´ // `Phonometak Series 1´

`The Snow Abides´

`The Sybian Sorority´

`The Tempest´

`The Western Lands´

`Three Rooms´

`Ti Tolgo La Vita´ // `The Scum Album´ // `Violent Potato´

`To Play - The Blemish Sessions´

`To Seek´

`Topophonic Models´


`Trees In The Attics (An Homage To Hundertwasser)´

`Triadic Memories´

`Triptych Mirror´ // `Lineal´

`Tromatic Reflexxions´


`Trunkeret & Ikonisk´

`Two`s Days / Tuesday´

`Un Son Peut En Cacher Un Autre´

`Un'estate senza pioggia´


`Universal Prostitution´

`Unjust Malaise´



`Very Slow Disco Suite´

`Vittorio Cane´


`Vor Feuerschlünden´

`Walking into Sleep´

`Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters´

`Watch Me Getting Back The End´

`Wayward The Fourth´

`We Are All Pan's People´

`We Don`t Just Disappear´

`Wolfarth´ // `Drum Drama´

`Women Take Back The Noise´

`Words On The Floor´

`Xaxapoya / Dead Voices in the Temple of Error´


`Yesterday Night You Were Slepping At My Place´

`Ys´ // `A Wolf In Sheep`s Clothing´ // `Melody Mountain´ // `Ephemeral´

`Ziu Zau´



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