Archivio dell'anno 2008 ...

`(nulla esiste)´

`(The) Giants Of Gender´ // `Katachi´

`20 Luglio 2008: presentazione del nuovo album´


`7000 Oaks´

`81 Matters In Elemental Order´

`A Distant Youth´

`A Mouthful Of Dust-A Soundtrack For The Desertic Landscapes Vol.1´

`A Quiet Place´

`A taste from Mass Quality Music´

`a tempo! a tempo!´

`A Watched Pot (Never Boils)´

`A Weevil In A Biscuit´

`Abnormous post anomalous...´

`After this Darkness, there`s a Next´


`Agenzia 13´


`Alaska Pipeline´

`Alone At Last´

`Ample Food´

`An Innocent, Abroad´

`Another Piece of Teenage Wildlife´

`Antologia del medio Mongoholi Nasi´

`Appunti per semiacusticherie´

`Araçá Azul´


`Assortimenti N.1-5´ // `Decidere a te....´



`Berlin Electronics´

`Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra´

`Binaural Beats´

`Borrowed Arms´

`Buridda Vol. 1 & 2´

`Can't Wait another Day´


`Carpaccio esistenziale´

`Cavallo Meraviglioso´



`Claws of Light´

`Clones Of Heros´ // `Sæieglî:n´



`Cosa dico quando non parlo´

`Cosmic Mosque On the Magical Mountain Top´ // `Urine Cakes´ // `Eye Mith´


`Curia´ // `Osso Exótico + Z'ev´



`Discography´ // `Ate Ate Ate´

`Disturbi Concreti Nel Disordine Dei Sogni´

`Domenica 27 luglio in Melbourne´

`Domenica 31 agosto in Melbourne´

`Dove è sempre notte (Christine Falls)´

`Drum Sketches´

`Drunk Upon Thy Holy Mountain´


`ElectrosoundphrasesinTh(ou)gh(t)s´ // `S.O.C.G.: Vecchie Paure´ // `Ri-Tagli´ // `Inconcludenzia´

`Emotion/Repetition´ // `Phonometak Split Series Vol. 4´

`Ends Of June´


`Exercises in Style´

`Expo `70 / Be Invisible Now´

`Farewell Fields´

`Find Electronica´

`Fingering An Idea´

`Fingerprints, Medicine´ // `Black Taper Taiga´


`From Exile To Oblivion´

`From The Desert Came Saltwater´

`Fula Fula Fular´ // `X-Mary Al Circo´

`Fun is Near´ // `Welcome Home´


`Getting Dressed for a Death Metal Party´ // `Dice not Included´

`Grass is Flesh / Woman´

`Guya from the kitchen of flowership curtains´

`Hatali Atsalei (l'échange des yeux)´



`Hero Crisis´

`Hi Brasil Is Where We Are´

`Hors-champ´ // `Marée Noire´


`House Of Wax´

`Humungus Fungus´ // `Urano 1´ // `Urano 3´

`Il Colombre´

`Il ragazzo che sognava Kim Novak´ (titolo originale: `Kim Novak badale aldrig i Genesarets sjö´)

`In The Pendulum's Embrace´ // `Lost Like A Star´


`Intentions... An Improvised Cycle´


`Je retiens ton souffle´

`k7 box´

`Kitchen Love´

`Knots´ // `Action Silence Prayers´


`L'estetica del cane´

`L'Ombra di Mezzogiorno´

`La Constitution de la République du Savage´

`La Grande Arte Della Luce e Dell`Ombra (Archeologia del Cinema)´

`La Musica Umana´

`La stagione del Cannibale´

`Leah & Chloe´ // `Scale Down´ // `Birrificio Atlantic Oil - 23 Aprile 2008´

`Licking Up Dust´ // `Hauenfiomiume´ // `Live´

`Live At Crash´ // `Twelve`s´

`Live Tago Fest 5-7-`08´


`Lo spazio delle fasi´

`Long, lontain´

`Love & Lamentation´

`L`Arte Della Guerra´

`L`Innondazione´ // `Fallen´ // `The Killer Ep´



`Map´ // `Non Solo / Untitled´

`MASS´ // `Homo Sacer´

`Memory Drawings´


`Monika Bärchen: Songs for Bruno, Knut & Tom´

`Monogon´ // `Re-Mix´

`Moraines II´

`Music for Shopping Malls´


`Nine Months To The Disco´

`On Grey´ // `Your Hair In My Trail´

`One Hot Afternoon´

`Ophelia Wanders´ // `Shortest Way to the Moon´

`Our Moon is Full´


`Pathethilyc Ruins Orkestra´ // `Deadlake´

`Peripheral Vision´



`Phantom Limb & Bison´

`Phonometak Series #3´ // `A Bullet Sounds The Same (in Every Language)´

`Piallassa (Red Desert Chronicles)´

`Piet Mondrian´


`Pipe Smoking On A Balloon´

`Playing By Numbers´


`Porosità ´

`Procession Of The Ornaments´

`Proveniamo da estremi´

`Pulverized Purple´ // `Uhrfasudhasdd´


`Rádha-Kršna (Songs Of Love)´

`Real People´ // `Jazz is Free And So We Are´ // `Elastic Jargon´

`Red Gold´ // `Sighs Trapped By Liars´ // `Safe Inside The Day´

`Reflections in Black´



`Riflessi´ // `Natura Inorganica´

`Rosolina Mar meet Trumans Water´

`Rotty What´




`Sick Sex And Meat Disasters In A Wasted Psychic Land´

`Sieben Mal Solo´

`Slow Speed: Deep Owls´

`Softened Edges´

`Space Light´

`Spirits Transform Me´

`Split CD´ // `DooMooD´

`Stolen Time´

`Stuck in the Room Full of Mirrors´

`Submarine´ // `Touch´ // `Maariv´

`Sucker Punch Requiem´

`suoni : oggetti : risonanti´

`Supercoclea for new apes´



`Tears of the Valedictorian´

`Techno Girls´

`The Bird And The Word´

`The Brutality of Misbreathing´

`The Fierce and the longing´

`The Geometry Of Sentiment´

`The Last Dj´

`The Munderkingen sessions, part. 1´ // `Duets for prepared unprepared and toy pianos´

`The Organ Of Corti´

`The Return Of The Magic Mold´ // `Mayday Calls´ // `Fortean Boomerangs´

`The Subliminal Relation between Planets - Live in Archiaro´

`The Well´

`The Wheel´

`The Year of the Dog´

`Theology / The Religious Experience´

`These Are The Days´ // `Harrisonford´

`This Quiet Season´

`Till my Breath Gives Out´

`To the Naked Eye´

`To the River Lounge´

`Tragol de Rova´ // `Lowest Shared Descent´

`Transito dal leggiadro´

`Trapani - Halq Al Waady´

`Truth in the end´ // `GenoaSoundCards´// `Wanderung´

`Two (The Biographer)´

`U Bit´

`Un geco nella mia casa´

`Undecided (a family affair)´

`Under the Balcony´

`Uneasy Flowers´

`Unstringed Guitar & Cymbals´

`Varda la luna´

`Voice Of Seven Woods´

`Voices Stomp Flames For Requiem Times´ // `I Can't Take My Head To See Higher Becouse The Sky Is Landing Over My Neck´

`Vol1 Kolkhoznitsa´


`We Don`t Need The Outside´

`While I Was Walking, I Heard A Sound...´

`While my Beautiful Autumn Fell´

`Wildflowers Under the Sofa´

`Your Very Eyes´ // `Crumble´

`Zero Submarine´

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