Archivio dell'anno 2009 ...

`10 Taxonomical Movements´ // `Animali´

`120 Midtown Blues´

`2008.5.1 Akihabara Club Goodman, Tokyo´ // `Ichi to Ichi ga Kasanatte Shimaumade´ // `Live February 21, 2008´ // `Live DVD Atak Night 3´

`24 Pictures at an Exhibition, 2005´ // `Licht Himmel´ // `Five Electrical Walks´

`4 Sonatas For Electroacoustic Thoughts´

`A Hull full of Oil´

`Amon vs. Mortar´ // `Ustrina´

`An Embassy to Kokus and Korus´

`Balera Metropolitana´

`Be Glad You Are Only Human´

`Before You Left´

`Between Love and Hate´

`Beyond Quantum´

`Bitter Sweet´ // `Hi Bi No Ne´

`Bootleg Series I´ // `Bootleg Series II´

`Branded On My Skin´

`Breathing gadgets´ // `Alter.tenacio´ // `Irrelevance.aif ´

`Burning With Your Old Joy In The Terminal Sun´

`Canaries on the Pole #2´ // `Clair Obscur´




`Centre Of Mass´

`Cheap Material Music´ // `The Bujùn Freak Show´ // `Voodoo Rewark & Video´

`Ci diamo allo sperimentale?´

`Class Insecta´

`Collected Works´ // `We could for hours´ // `Thoughts melt in the air´ // `Crash test one´

`Conic Folded´

`Creek Caught Fire´

`Dark Horses EP´

`Dark Night´

`Details not Recorded´

`Discard Hidden Layers?´ // `Realgar´

`Domenica 12 ottobre in Melbourne´


`El osceno pà jaro de la noche´ // `Escape´ // `Live in Oblomova´


`Estado LÖquido´ // `Armiarmak´


`Experimental Open Session @SPM Ivan Illich´


`Fire Department and Rescue Squad´

`Fortune´ // `Arezzzo, Libreria Universitaria Leggere / 23 Ottobre 2008´

`From Now On´ // `Light´


`Gala Drop´

`Gariga´ // `Asp/Sec_´

`Gluck Auf´


`Great Surround´

`Growing Heads Above The Roof´

`Hated By Butterflies´ // `Research´

`Helium Bliss´

`Hey! Tonal´


`I Noitasi Inoi´

`Ichi to Ichi to Ichi ga Kasanatte shimaumade - Live at Mission`s´


`Il Debutto´

`Il De` Metallo´

`Il tempo ... tra le nostre mani, scoppiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!´ // `Eclipse´

`Im Innersten´

`In Field &  Town´

`Interference´ // `Chromatophore´

`Invite The Spirit 1983´ // `Invite The Spirit 2006´

`I`m Normal, My Heart Still Works´

`Jeff Carey´s MoHa!´ // `One-Way Ticket To Candyland´



`La Quarta Dimensione´

`La vedova di un uomo vivo´


`Lauluja surun kaaresta´ // `Aalto´

`Lendormin Live´


`Libro Audio´


`Lili Refrain´

`Live At L`Usine´

`Live at Novarajazz 2009´

`Local Customs´

`Lonius´ // `frcture´


`Miss Dove Mr. Dove´

`Money`s On Fire´

`Musica per un anno´ // `Musica endoscopica´


`Nasprias Cave´ // `Utopos´

`Night time recordings from Göteborg´

`Old Red City (Live at Crash)´ // `Gluck Auf´

`On War´

`Out of space festival of performance + sound installation....´

`Pappelallee 5´

`Patterns of Plants II´

`PhonoMetak Split 10-inch Series´ // `Avorio erotic movie´ // `Garage Blu´

`Pink Violin´


`Poets And Pornstars´

`Porte d`octobre´

`Procession Of The Great Ancestry´ // `Compassion´ // `America´



`Revolutionary Ensemble´

`Rhaianuledada (Songs To Sissy)´

`Rmxd By Daniele Brusaschetto´

`Rumor Vincit Omnia´

`Salvate il mio maglione dalle tarme´

`Schönberg Pierrot Lunaire - Cheap Imitation´ // `Volksmusik´

`Scum From The Sun´

`Seductive Sabotage´ // `The Mystery of guests´ // `Rigop Me´

`Separations´ // `Split CD´ // `Seven Ways´ // `Truth Behind The Curtain´ // `Grains´


`Shall I Download A Blackhole And Offer It To You´

`Si si´

`Silver Shoals of Light´


`Songs for Zev Asher Before He's Dead´

`Songs to Defy´

`Soundpostcards´ // `We Could for Hours´ // `The First Born´


`Standards (Brussels) 2006´

`Still Life With Commercials´

`Stompa og stine´ // `Amber´ // `Le Lieu´ // `New sad epilogue of my nice electronic composer´ // `Copie´

`String Quartets [1 & 2]´

`Success Planetarie International´


`Tarlo Terzo´

`The 21st Century Hard-Y-Guide-Y Man´ // `Reverb´ // `Saa Mannakada Donna Kanji´ // `Ashita arufabetto ga, kiete shimaimasu yo ni´

`The End of the Empire´

`The Footpath´

`The Harmony Of Contradictions´

`The House on the Causeway´

`The Private Language Problem (New Electro-acoustic Compositions, 2001-2007)´

`The Rest, I Leave To The Poor´

`The Silence Of Love´ // `Faces In The Rocks´

`The Webster Cycles´ // `Occasional Music´

`This Coming Gladness´

`To Be Still´

`To Extend The Visibility´


`Tutti i colori del silenzio´

`Tutto Bano´

`Volume 1´

`Web Edition Series´ // `Black Corner (After The Beat Sessions)´


`Where has it gone, all the beautiful music of our grandparents? It died with them, that`s where it went...´

`Without Sinking´

`Without You I`m Napping´

`Wounded Breath´

`X-mas party´

`xNObbQx / Harshcore split´


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