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`15 Improvisations for Solo Electric Guitar´ // `12 Improvised Compositions for Solo Electric Guitar´


`6 canzoni´

`A Guide To The Music Of The 21st Century´

`A Little May Time Be´

`Abisso del passato 1 & 2´

`Agaspastik´ // `Zero Centigrade´

`Ai Piedi del Monte´

`Alive and Rising´ // `III´ // `Malelieve´

`Alle Basi della Roncola´

`Anche i Cinghiali Hanno la Testa´


`At The Cut´

`Babirussa Capibara´


`Black Lotos´ // `Silence Is The Only Music´ // `We Were The Phliks´ // `Celestial Flowings´

`Brewed in Belgium´

`C'est la dernière chanson´


`Chicken Feet (Live at the Bimhuis)´


`Comfortable problems´

`Compassione e risentimento´

`Comunicato n.2´

`Cono di ombra e luce´ // `Serendipity´


`da nessuna parte´

`Dante Concert´

`Dead man`s bones featuring the Silverlake conservatory of music children`s choir´


`Dna ep´ // `Hangover the top´ // `Made flesh´ // `Three hundred´

`Doves Days in Palermo´ // `Diospyros´ // `Hyaline´


`Electric babyland´

`Erimos´ // `Kapnos´

`Extreme Dreaming´ // `Disco Blu´

`E`ltica, Sermony Your Nihilism´



`Fractal Psych-obsessions For Rural Chaos´

`From The Wooden Floor´

`Ghostly Garden´

`Guano padano´ // `Musica per Ciarlatani Ballerine e Tabarin´

`Harold Nono / Hidekazu Wakabayashi´

`Helen Money´ // `In Tune´

`Holy Broken´

`I Could not Love You More´

`III° Tagofest´

`Il crollo della stufa centrale´

`Il fuoco´

`Il Nuovissimo Mondo´

`Il Nuovo è Al Passo Coi Tempi´

`Il tempo dei lupi´

`Im Not As Good At It As You´

`Improvisations 1-4´

`In Absentia´

`In due corpi´


`Instruments of the Devil´

`Iron Kim Style´


`Kreuzung Zwei (Creatura Per Creaturam Continetur)´

`Kristallivirta´ // `Monsters & Miasmas´ // `Little things´ // `Live at the LUCREZIA´ // `Tron´ // `Conference of the aquarians´


`La Chanson de Mai´

`La musica rock-progressiva europea´

`La Vergine e la Rivoluzione´

`Lake Effect´

`Lamo La Stiabe´

`Larkin Grimm And Rosolina Mar´ // `Last Days Vol. II´

`Low Sun / High Moon´

`L`ultimo re´ // `Live at Arci Blob´

`Maddalena, Maria´

`Mid Summer At The Winters´


`Music in Four Movements´

`Never Pet A Burning Dog´

`Noble Art ´

`Notte di mamma´


`Orastanne´ // `Live @ LHUBrificio´

`Our Prayer´ // `Up To Earth´



`Phonometak #7´

`PIVIXKI´ // `End of Daze´

`Popular Greggio´




`Qui Jiang Lu´




`Rid the Tree of its Rain´




`Seasick Blackout´

`Sequens´ // `Hums´

`Siamo Nati Vegetali´

`Sicotronic Records´

`Sleepless Night´ / `Marit´

`Sliptong´ // `Hazentijd´

`Sold Out! (25 Soundtracks)´

`Someday I will be called upon regarding matters of tone - Collected Works: Volume One´

`Songs About Music´



`Sunlight & Water´


`Tales From The Sky (H) Earth´ // `Meditation On Mystery Bird´ // `God Has A Dog Dog Has A God´

`Techno Lovers´ // `Karel Thole´

`Tempesta di fiori´

`The angular acceleration of light in the unsound mind of my uncle dead in Michigan´

`The carpenter´

`The City Of Simulation [14 audio-visual poems]´

`The impossible story of Bubu´

`The Modern Expressing Machines Of Revolutionary Youth Laboratory´

`The mutant affair´ // `Le politiche del prato´

`The Road´

`The Science of Chaotic Solutions´

`The Venetian Book of the Dead´

`The World of Make Believe´

`To Humble a Nest´ // `Days´

`Tube Overtures´

`Twig and Twine´

`Video Music´


`Volume 3 - r.u.g.h.e.´ // `Volume 4 - Onde´ // `Volume 5 - Demon Cycle, 1-9´

`Waiting For The Darkness´

`We Are All Counting On You, William´

`We`ve tried nothing and we`re all out of ideas´

`When The Rains Come´ // `Live at Cox 18, 17-10-2009´

`Yawling Night Songs´

`Yellow´ // `Drawings / Back To The Plants´ // `Alchemy´

`You A Lie´

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