Archivio dell'anno 2012 ...

`220 Tones´

`Addosso! L`Italia non si taglia´


`Aurona Arona´ // `Plays Sinebag´


`Background Music For Bank Robberies´

`Black Falcon´

`Cane di schiena´

`Chapter #01 Amphetamine´

`Circles And Elephants´ // `Courant.air´

`Città Utopica - eine Konzert-Installation´

`CuTe HoRSe CuT´

`Dark Leaves´

`Days Before The Rubbery´ // `Blind Alley´ // `Analogic Signals From The Sun´

`Dying Sun´ // `Slugabeld´

`Eau De Punk´

`Every Live Is Problem Solving´

`Fantasia for 4 Hands and 1 Mouse´


`Fortune Is Always Hiding´


`How it feels to find there`s more´

`I know when it`s time to get the fuck away´ // `The golden undertow´


`Itsunomanika (いつのまにか)´ // `Platos Combinados´

`La pursuite de l'excellence´

`Le goût de néant´

`Minimal Damage´ // `Time To Do My Lions´ // `Windfall´


`My Favorite Tics´


`New Great Lakes´

`Nino e l`inferno´


`Peruvian Electroacoustic And Experimental Music (1964-1970)´

`PopeWaffen´ // `Come ho imparato a volare´

`Reciprocal Uncles´


`Royals´ // `Become Objects of Daily Use´

`Sandro Codazzi´

`Semmai semiplay´


`Smoking In Heaven´

`Solar Ipse #4´



`Sufjan Stevens presenta The Age of Adz a Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle 2011´

`The Blue Mountain`s Sun Drummer´

`The Cclose Calll´

`The Film Music Of Nino Rota (1911-1979)´

`The Great Northern X´

`The Magazines You Read´

`The Muesli Man´

`The Sails Of Self´ // `Evolutions In Sound : Live´

`Transparent Skin´

`Unknown Distances´ // `Blind Jesus´


`We Know Exactly Where Are Going´

`Weapon Of Choioce´


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