Archivio dell'anno 2013 ...

`2013: odissea nello spiazzo´

`Ciao amore, ciao´ // `Le sirene di luglio / Torino pausa pranzo´

`A Cool Tree´

`Abitacolo Ostile (2006-2011)´

`Above The Winter Oaks´ // `Fonogram´

`Alberto Boccardi´

`An Elephant into this Building´

`Ancient Tears´ // `L`uomo della sabbia´


`Arbëria´ // `La merce perfetta´ // `Aural Histories´

`At The Hideout´

`Brand New For China!´



`CHTRLTT - Part I´

`Cinque Pezzi Facili - Volume 4: Dell'amore e dei suoi fallimenti / Deleted scenes´

`Civilian Life´

`Contraddizioni´ // `The Shipwreck Bag Show´

`Cut A Caper´

`Daily Visions´

`Dark Lady Of The Sonnets´

`Death Surf´

`Deform from Within´

`Der Italienische Manierismus´

`Dialogue Dreams´

`Disco interno´

`Dolci ricordi´

`El Tren Fantasma´

`Era´ // `?Alos - Xabier Iriondo´

`Erzählend Nah´ // `Live In Pisa´


`Fields of Corn - A Binaural Sound Movie in San Martino Spino´

`Garbo And Other Godesses Of Cinema + Bonus CD: Tango & Impro´

`Gemina´ // `Atto´


`Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th´

`Khawa`ter (Pensées)´

`La mer, la bataille, la mort´

`Live @ The Ironworks Vancouver´

`Live @ The Theatre, Rozzano, 13 dicembre 2012´


`Mantic´ // `Polishing The Mirror´

`Mars Is Heaven´ // `NEO PI-R´ // `Double Feature´

`Merde, il pleut´


`Minimal Boom!´

`Modern Primitive´

`Ninnananne tristi per bambini cattivi´

`No Room For Doubt´

`Nothing Outstanding´ // `Blue Willa´ // `You Should Reproduce´

`On The Move´

`Outpost Live´

`Piano Breath (Action Music)´

`Pulses & Places´ // `The Myth Of Persistence Of Vision Revisited´

`Radical Bending´


`Reibungen´ // `Shifting Moods´

`Resonating Universes´

`Risonanze orbitali - opere e domande´


`Season Two´

`Silo Thinking´ // `X´


`String Quartets´ // `Stanze´

`Sulle tracce della volpe´

`Sycamore Age´

`The Infinite Travelling´

`The Kenya Sessions´

`The Next Wave of Omnigalactic Peace Warriors´

`The Occurrence´

`This Is All I Had Time For´ // `Fonogram´ // `Camaraderie´


`Turbulent Flow´ // `Tidal TM (Amphidromic Cotidal)´

`Umber´ // `Selce´




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