Archivio dell'anno 2016 ...

`A Heart That Responds From Schooling´

`A Path Made By Walking´


`Al-khīmiyya - الخيمياء´

`Alchemy To Our Days´

`All Impossible Worlds´


`Beyond Repair´

`Burnout (August Sessions)´




`Contra Mundum´


`DIE´ // `S`Û´

`Difference Engines´

`Digital Kind Of Guy´

`Diplocomp - A Diplodisc Sampler´


`Dream In A Landscape´


`Erm´ // `Vignettes´ // `After Dinner´

`eXcavations´ // `Red Blue´

`Fiori dal limbo´

`Germanotta Youth´

`Glance And Many Avenues (Live At Apex, Göttingen 2013)´

`Governo Laser´


`Hotend - Do Tell Plays The Music Of Julius Hemphill´

`Il formicaio´ // `Nagual´ // `Hyppopotà mus´

`In The Other House´ // `Perversions Of The Aging Savant´

`La prima volta´

`La Solitudine del Sole´ // `Fino alla fine della notte´



`Meeting Points´

`Missa Brevis´

`More Nasty´ // `Svimmelhed´ // `Residual Ugly´


`Naked Wolf´ // `Buiten Dienst´

`Natura Morta´ // `Blind Sun New Century Christology´ // `Dust & Mirrors´

`Nox Lux´

`Olanda in Due (Live At NovaraJazz Italy 2015)´

`Outta Kali Phobia´


`Pareti nude´

`Passage´ // `AOUIE - Bass Clarinet Solo´

`Pour en finir´ // `New Vocabulary´




`Silence Be Alive (生きてこい沈黙)´

`Silent Carnival´

`Song Cycle´

`Sono andato a letto presto´

`Sotto assedio´ // `Il giorno delle altalene´ // `Endless Tapes EP´

`Soundcards 01´

`Super 8´

`Tapes Amateurs´

`Tecniche Arcaiche live at Angelica´

`The Clash Of The Titans´

`The Third Season´

`Tracce D`Africa´

`Ultrasonic Bathing Apparatus´ // `Tape Crash #10´

`Upper Hell´




`Visible Music For Unheard Visions´


`Why Not´


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