Archivio dell'anno 2024 ...

`1 – bis 4 - stimming´

`Double Exposure´

`Gro Mig En Blomst´ // `Skærsgårdslyd´

`Historic Music Past Tense Future´

`Hotel Colon´

`How To Get Rid Of The Darkness´

`In Otherness Oneself´ // `Soothe My Soul, Feed My Thought´

`Landscapes And Lamentations´

`Live Capitol Brig´

`Pan Project´

`People And Places´


`Rainforest IV´

`Run, The Darkness Will Come!´ // `Fetzen Fliegen´ // `Two Sides Of The Moon´

`Sessione Pre Angiou´


`Territory´ // `l’A Neuve´ // `Zeitweise Leichter Schneefall´

`The Living, The Dead, The Sleepers And The Insomniacs´

`The Soundtrack Of Your Secrets´


`Transmutation Of Things´

`Tropico Romagnolo´ // `Another Advanced Useless Machine´


`White Eyes´

`You’re Either Standing Facing Me Or Next To Me´ // `Yurako´ // `My Lord Music, I Most Humbly Beg Your Indulgence In The Hope That You Will Do Me The Honour Of Permitting This Seed Called Keiji Haino To Be Planted Within You´

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