Archivio dell'anno 2014 ...



`A Day In The Life Of...┤


`Appunti Mozurk Vol. 1┤

`Aquarium Eyes┤

`Arriving Angels┤

`Artefacts - Solo Electronics┤ // `Sympathetic, (a)symmetric - New Music for Piano┤



`Black Swan┤ // `Second Law of Thermodynamics┤


`Conquistare il mondo┤

`Damn! (Freistil-Samplerin # 3)┤

`Endimione┤ // `Bunga Bunga┤ // `Non vogliamo un paradiso┤


`For Bunita Marcus (1985)┤

`For Seasons # 001: Melting Summer┤ // `For Seasons # 002: ゆきどけ┤

`Fuochi di stelle dure┤

`Give No Quarter┤

`Heavy Heart / Faker┤ // `Faker┤


`I diari miserabili di Samuel Geremia Hoogan┤


`Jo Ha Kyū┤

`Kawax┤ // `Cˇ C˛l e Raspe┤

`La fisica delle nuvole┤

`Like Lamps On By Day┤

`Live At The Bimhuis┤

`Live Buj¨n Dokument / Graz / June 11th 2009┤

`LOL-a-bye┤ // `Prendi fiato┤

`Long Story Short┤

`Mercato centrale┤



`Moondog Mask┤

`New Music For Old Instruments┤ // `Archaic Variations - Localization┤




`Op Der Schmelz Live┤ // `Cactus Truck Live In USA (with Jeb Bishop and Roy Campbell)┤

`Pioneer 23┤

`Private Poverty Speaks To The People Of The Party┤ // `The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again┤ // `Read Between The Lines... Think Outside Them┤

`Promises┤ // `Terre in vista┤ // `Jacopo Bordoni - Muratore Poeta Ribelle┤

`Purple Orange┤

`Quando sono assente mi manco (crisi d'identitÓ contemporanee)┤

`Safe In Their Alabaster Chambers┤

`Sale quanto basta┤

`Self Portrait In Pale Blue┤

`Stand Up Comedy┤ // `Renard┤

`Stones No.2┤ // `Sternenstaub┤

`Sung Inside A House┤


`Surgical Steel┤

`Tape Crash #6┤

`Tecniche arcaiche┤ // `Prima di qualsiasi altra cosa allora si perderÓ ┤

`The Earth Cries Blood┤

`The First Will & Testament┤ // `Don`t Pressure The Man With The Knife┤

`The Jackals┤

`The Old Good Summer - Tape Crash # 7┤

`The Polvere`s Farewell┤

`This Place / Is Love┤

`Thursday Evening┤


`Ujamt / Harmony Hammond┤

`Una Nessuna Centomila┤

`Walking Mountains┤

`War Tales┤

`Zodiaco Elettrico - Aidoru performs Karlheinz Stockhausen`s Tierkreis┤


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