Elenco cumulativo delle recensioni archiviate

` ncora´

`Девушки поют (Girls Sing)´

`Красота (Krasota)´

`карлицы сюита´

`『海辺より (From Seaside)´


`大罐 Big Can´

`मेम वेर्म [mema verma]´

`月球专用音乐 Music for Listening to the Moon´


`Σ / Frühruin´


`(As Is Started.. Before Konwn)´

`(nulla esiste)´

`(Oversteps)´ // `Gravitoni´ // `Oleva´ // `it`s a musthang / midnight mutant´

`(Per la) Via di casa´

`(The) Giants Of Gender´ // `Katachi´

`... A Gift for ... (°!°)´

`....Just Arrived´

`...et les fleures éclosent à l`ombre´

`0509´ // `Astrana´ // `# 1´

`1 – bis 4 - stimming´

`10 Taxonomical Movements´ // `Animali´

`10, A Brokken Records Special Edition´

`120 Midtown Blues´

`13 Friendly Numbers´

`13 piccoli singoli radiofonici...´

`14 Tracks/Pieces´

`15 Improvisations for Solo Electric Guitar´ // `12 Improvised Compositions for Solo Electric Guitar´

`17 Clips´

`18 Monkeys On a Dead Man`s Chest´

`1981´ // `Pop Ambient 2006´

`2 Foot Yard´

`20 Luglio 2008: presentazione del nuovo album´

`2008.5.1 Akihabara Club Goodman, Tokyo´ // `Ichi to Ichi ga Kasanatte Shimaumade´ // `Live February 21, 2008´ // `Live DVD Atak Night 3´

`2013 – 2021 dal diario di Luigi La Rocca, Cittadino´

`2013: odissea nello spiazzo´

`220 Tones´

`22:22 Free Radiohead´

`24 Pictures at an Exhibition, 2005´ // `Licht Himmel´ // `Five Electrical Walks´



`3 Commissions´

`30.000 Feet Tarantella´


`35 Mutant Seconds: Based On Rafael Toral`s Creamy Burst´



`4 Corners´

`4 Sonatas For Electroacoustic Thoughts´

`48´ // `Orange Book´

`52 songs for 52 weeks part 1/4´ // `Winterland´ // `Norfolk Motel´


`6 canzoni´

`61 winter's hat´

`7 Million´

`7000 Oaks´

`76 Kilos Laughing´

`777+2 Per Aspera Ad Astra´

`8 Saisons à l`hombre´

`8 x 8´

`81 Matters In Elemental Order´

`Ciao amore, ciao´ // `Le sirene di luglio / Torino pausa pranzo´

`A Beat Of A Sad Heart´

`A Book Of Songs For Anne Marie´

`A Book Of Standard Equinoxes´

`A Common Day Was Born´

`A Compressed History Of Everything Ever Recorded, Vol. 2: Ubiquitous Eternal Live´

`A Compressed History of Everything Ever Recorded,Vol.1´

`A Constant Migration [between reality and fiction]´ // `Nostalgia´ // `Fave Quotidiane´

`A Cool Tree´

`A Day In The Life Of...´

`A Delay Is Better´ // `Skymother Mountain´

`A Distant Youth´

`A Few Steps Beyond´

`A Global Taxonomical Machine´

`A Guide For The Perplexed´

`A Guide To The Music Of The 21st Century´

`A Heart That Responds From Schooling´

`A Hull full of Oil´

`A Little May Time Be´

`A Low Carbonation´

`A M.B. Iehn Tale´

`A Mouthful Of Dust-A Soundtrack For The Desertic Landscapes Vol.1´

`A Movie Without Images´

`A Path Made By Walking´

`A Personal Account Of Conflict´

`A Post-Fordist Parade In The Strike Of Events´

`A Quiet Place´

`A Season´ // `(S)à crata´ // `Nei resti del fuoco´

`A Secret Code´ // `Echolocation´

`A Song To The City´

`A Strange Day´

`A Swampadelic Blessing of Downtown SF, The Offial Bootleg´

`A taste from Mass Quality Music´

`A tavola con il principe´ // `Split´

`A Temperament For Angels´ // `From Shelter´ // `The City The Wind Swept Away´ // `Los Tigres De Marte´

`a tempo! a tempo!´

`A Thousand Incidents Arise´

`A Tree, At Night´ // `Prima del terzo´ // `Heavy Nichel´ // `Taken From A True Story´

`A Tribute´

`A Watched Pot (Never Boils)´

`A Weevil In A Biscuit´

`A Year Of The Aural Gauge Operation´

`A-A:Alpha.Beta_Errata Corrige´ // `Circostanze (Tribute to Phill Niblock)´


`Abisso del passato 1 & 2´

`Abitacolo Ostile (2006-2011)´

`Abnormous post anomalous...´

`About Farewell´

`Above The Winter Oaks´ // `Fonogram´


`Accordion Koto´

`Acoustic & Semiacoustic´

`Action from the Basement´

`Addosso! L`Italia non si taglia´



`Aerial #1 #2 #3´

`Aforismen Aforisme Aforismes´

`After Dinner Black Out´

`After this Darkness, there`s a Next´


`Agaspastik´ // `Zero Centigrade´

`Agenzia 13´

`Agosto Romano´


`Ai Piedi del Monte´


`Air Skin Digger´ // `Sidereal Deconposition Activity´

`Airre´ // `In A Persian Market´ // `The Consumer CD´ // `Das Duz Dae Duz Das´

`Al-khīmiyya - الخيمياء´


`Alaska Pipeline´

`Alberto Boccardi´

`Alchemy To Our Days´

`Alegrìas y duelos de mi alma´




`Alive and Rising´ // `III´ // `Malelieve´

`All Acoustics´ // `The Scotch Of St. James´ // `Futuro´

`All Impossible Worlds´

`Alle Basi della Roncola´

`Allt Hänger Samman´

`Alone At Last´

`Alpine Variations´ // `Watering A Paper Flower´


`Altered Realities´

`Alveare´ // `Cinza´




`Amon vs. Mortar´ // `Ustrina´

`Amore per tutti´

`Amphibian Ardour´ // `Gleadalec´ // `Emerge´

`Ample Food´

`An Elephant into this Building´

`An Embassy to Kokus and Korus´

`An Established Color And Cunning´

`An Incomplete Guide To Vorpal Music´ // `Jättiläisrotta´

`An Innocent, Abroad´



`Anche i Cinghiali Hanno la Testa´

`Anche se solo un miraggio, ci vuole coraggio´

`Ancient Silence´

`Ancient Tears´ // `L`uomo della sabbia´

`Ancora Saigon´

`And Green Leaves Grow´ // `Candle City´

`And The Cowgirls Kept On Dancing´ // `Rotations´

`Andante Plumbeo´


`Anemici: sangue dalle rape´

`Angles Of Repose´ // `The Eleventh Hour´



`Annihilate This Week´ // `Red Room´ // `Figure 2´

`Another Piece of Teenage Wildlife´

`Another White Album´ // `Rettet Die Wale´

`Another Year Is Over, Let`s Wait For Springtime´


`Antiguos Dólmenes Del PaleolÖtico´ // `Tape Works´ // `Kokura´



`Antologia de Música Electrónica Potuguesa´

`Antologia del medio Mongoholi Nasi´


`Apocalypse Town´


`Appartamento in centro´

`Approximately Grids With A Plan´

`Appunti Mozurk Vol. 1´

`Appunti per semiacusticherie´

`April`s Fool´


`Aquarian Hymns´ // `Kaikki Mitäunohdin Sanoa´

`Aquarium Eyes´

`Araçá Azul´

`Arbëria´ // `La merce perfetta´ // `Aural Histories´


`Arc, Live @ SWR Freiburg - 18.04.00´ // `Land, Live @ Rausch - 05.11.02´



`Archival 1991´

`Archive Sessions Vol 1´

`Archytas Curve´


`Arpe eolie / Arpe eolie And Other Useless Things´

`Arpe Eolie´ // `Ragionamenti musicali in forma di dialogo: X e XII´

`Arriving Angels´

`Art Wolf´ // `Sculpted Sound`

`Artefacts - Solo Electronics´ // `Sympathetic, (a)symmetric - New Music for Piano´



`As a Leaf or a Stone´


`Assortimenti N.1-5´ // `Decidere a te....´


`At The Cut´

`At The Hideout´

`At Your Service´




`Aube Noire´

`Aube Reworks Stefano Gentile´


`Auk/Blood´ // `Sinaa´

`Aurona Arona´ // `Plays Sinebag´


`Automatic Guerrini´ // `Unclocked´

`Automitoantologia (1983-2013) - 30 anni di ritagli, rarità e inediti´



`Avrei Dovuto Odiarti´



`Awake´ // `Timewise´

`Axel Dörner & Robin Hayward´ // `Activity Center & Phil Minton´



`Črne Vode / Black Waters / Schwarze Wasser´ // `Let Them Grow´


`Baba - Festival di Arti Eccentriche e Culture Esplose - 2010´

`Babirussa Capibara´

`Baby Blue´



`Background Music For Bank Robberies´


`Backyard Vol. 2´

`Bad Ground´

`Bad Habits´


`Balera Metropolitana´

`Bananafish #17´

`Bananafish Magazine #18´

`Baptism & Birthday´




`Be Glad You Are Only Human´

`Beatles Arias´

`Beato colui che sarà visto coi tuoi occhi - Oropa in sogno´

`Beats The Plague´


`Beats´ // `Phylum´

`Beautiful Mistakes´

`Beautifully Astray´

`Become Zero´

`Before and After Dinner´

`Before The Libretto´

`Before You Left´


`Bending The Tonic´

`Berlin Electronics´

`Berlin Strings´



`Between Love and Hate´

`Between Neck & Stomach´

`Between´ // `Love Me Two Times´ // `The Issue At Hand´


`Beyond Quantum´

`Beyond Repair´

`Beyond The Darkness´

`Beyond The Traceries´

`Beyond Time´


`Big Dig´

`Big Ears - Fitzgerald`s Manifesto´

`Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra´

`Binaural Beats´


`Bipolar / Wring the Wrist´


`Bird Heart in Wool´

`Birds Of A Feather´

`Bitter Sweet´ // `Hi Bi No Ne´

`Black American Flag´

`Black Falcon´

`Black Immure (Music from the Casa de Serralves in Twelve Phases)´

`Black Lotos´ // `Silence Is The Only Music´ // `We Were The Phliks´ // `Celestial Flowings´

`Black Ships ate the Sky´

`Black Swan´ // `Second Law of Thermodynamics´

`Black Tar Prophecies 4´



`Blog On Rimbaud´ // `Standard And Normal´

`Blonk, Mallozzi & Vandermark´

`Blue Horizon´


`Blues Du Jour´

`Blues Pour Boris´


`Bootleg Series I´ // `Bootleg Series II´

`Bootstrap Paradox´

`Borrowed Arms´

`Bows` Wind´ // `Bloom Inside Bloom Outside´


`Brainville 3, 16/06/2007, Paolo Pini, Milano´

`Brand New For China!´

`Branded On My Skin´


`Breathing gadgets´ // `Alter.tenacio´ // `Irrelevance.aif ´

`Bremen To Bridgwater´


`Brevi Momenti di Presenza´

`Brewed in Belgium´

`Bridges´ // `Building Blocks´

`Bright Future´

`Brittle Feebling´

`Broken Distant Fragrant´ // `tu m' And The Magical Mystery Orchestra´ // `Lib. Fabric Compilation´



`Buridda Vol. 1 & 2´

`Burning Star Core (Brighter Summer Day)´ // `Flybys´ // `The Birth Of Cruel´

`Burning With Your Old Joy In The Terminal Sun´

`Burnout (August Sessions)´

`Busy Butterflies´

`Byznich´ // `Live At Radio Kairos / Reminder´ // `From The Tale Of Pigling Bland´

`C'est la dernière chanson´

`Cabaret per nulla´

`Cabrioles cérébrale et accidents psychotiques´


`Cacerolada / Cleavage Of Acoustics´ // `Dissectio / Environmental Cleaning Moments´

`Cagna schiumante´

`Calce´ // `5 Haiku´

`Campfire Songs´


`Can't Wait another Day´

`Canaries on the Pole #2´ // `Clair Obscur´


`Cane di schiena´

`Canti Illuminati´

`Canto Fermo´

`Canzoni dalla voliera´

`Canzoni in silenzio´

`Capacidad De Pérdida´ // `A Cavall Entre Dos Cavalls´ // `Etwa´




`Carpaccio esistenziale´

`Carrion, My Wayward Son ...´

`Cartridge Music (musica per testina)´ // `Nassau 1713´



`Cascata´ // `Plancton´

`Catholic Paws / Catholic Pause´

`Cavallo Meraviglioso´

`Cavern With Nightlife´



`Cent Tas D`Arªtes´


`Centre Of Mass´

`CEPI Meets HIC´



`Chà sm' Achanès (Huge Abyss)´

`Chamber Rites´


`Chapter #01 Amphetamine´

`Charlie The Bold´


`Cheap Material Music´ // `The Bujùn Freak Show´ // `Voodoo Rewark & Video´

`Check Point Charlie 2005´


`Chi va piano va già troppo veoce (Sulla lentezza del bradipo)´

`Chicken Feet (Live at the Bimhuis)´



`Chris Forsyth, Chris Heenan´


`CHTRLTT - Part I´

`Ci diamo allo sperimentale?´

`Cinque Pezzi Facili - Volume 4: Dell'amore e dei suoi fallimenti / Deleted scenes´

`Circles And Elephants´ // `Courant.air´

`Circles Of Upper And Lower Hell´




`Città Sottili / Slender Towns´

`Città Utopica - eine Konzert-Installation´

`City Of Vorticity´

`Civilian Life´

`Clam, Dolenter´



`Class Insecta´

`Classic Erasmus Fusion´


`Claws of Light´

`Clicks & Cuts 4´

`Clones Of Heros´ // `Sæieglî:n´

`Closer to the small/dark/door´




`Collectable Items´

`Collected Works´ // `We could for hours´ // `Thoughts melt in the air´ // `Crash test one´

`Collected Wreckages´ // `Shallow Nothingness In Molten Skies´ // `Blind Tarots´

`Collera City´


`Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously´

`Colour Green´


`Combat Joy´

`Come in cielo così in terra´

`Come tutti gli altri dei´

`Comes To Your House´

`Comfortable problems´


`Common Chord´

`Commuting Between The Surface & The Underworld´

`Compassione e risentimento´

`Complementary Contrasts (Donaueschingen 2003)´

`Composition O´

`Compositions For Guitars´

`Comunicato n.2´


`Concert in St. Louis´

`Concrete Songs´

`Conditions For A Piece Of Music´

`Congotronics´ // `Antology 1981-2003´ // `Untilted´

`Conic Folded´

`Cono di ombra e luce´ // `Serendipity´

`Conquistare il mondo´



`Construction Sonor´

`Contra Mundum´

`Contraddizioni´ // `The Shipwreck Bag Show´

`Contrappunti´ // `Cantina Tapes´


`Contre-plongée [six cuts for string quartet]´


`Convex Mirrors´

`Cordonbleux At Nof´


`Coro Corridore con Megafoni´

`Cosa dico quando non parlo´

`Cosa potrebbe accadere´

`Cosmic Mosque On the Magical Mountain Top´ // `Urine Cakes´ // `Eye Mith´

`Costarring From Cherry Farm 01´

`Cottage Industrial Vol. 3´



`Creature Comforts´ // `Miles of Smiles´

`Creek Caught Fire´


`Cronache carsiche´

`Crown Of Marches´ // `Horse Frenzy´


`Cuatro + Vocal Recordings´

`Curia´ // `Osso Exótico + Z'ev´

`Cut A Caper´

`CuTe HoRSe CuT´

`C`è Ancora Vita Su Marte´

`C`est La Dernière Chanson Tour - August 2009´ // `He Would Come Home Through The Window, Job In Hand´

`D C´

`da nessuna parte´

`Daily Birthday´

`Daily Drone Dream´

`Daily Visions´

`Dalbukki´ // `White Room´

`Damn! (Freistil-Samplerin # 3)´

`Damn! Freistil-Samplerinnen 4 + 5´

`Dance Mystique´

`Dancing judas´ / `News from Belgium´

`Dancing Trees´


`Dante Concert´

`Dark Horses EP´

`Dark Lady Of The Sonnets´

`Dark Leaves´

`Dark Night´

`Dark Skies At Noon´


`Dataplex´ // `Fflux´


`Dawn Ceremony For Dreadful Days´

`Dawn of the Magicians´

`Days Before The Rubbery´ // `Blind Alley´ // `Analogic Signals From The Sun´

`de - tour´

`Dead Drunk´

`Dead man`s bones featuring the Silverlake conservatory of music children`s choir´

`Death By Water´

`Death Surf´

`Deepwater Blackout´

`Deform from Within´


`Delay On My Pillow´ // `L`incandescence de l`étoile´ // `La neige attend la neige´

`Dell`universo assente´

`Demo(n) Tracks´

`Demons from Nipples´

`Dentro.´ // `Study On Babe Arcane Ethology´

`Departure´ // `Air Current´

`Depth Sounding´ // `quando ero un bambino farò l`astronauta´

`Der Italienische Manierismus´

`Der Verboten´

`Derivatives’ // `Haerae´

`Des Gestes Défaits´ // `63 Apparitions´

`Desco Music´


`Details not Recorded´

`Deti Zezemme´



`Devotion´ // `Kammern I-V´ // `As If You Were Here´ // `Glassware´ // `Kimmig - Studer - Zimmerlin And George Lewis´

`Dialects´ // `This Is A Beat!´

`Dialogue Dreams´

`Diciotto´ // `Em Portugal!´ // `A Pearl In Dirty Hands´

`Die Instabilität der Symmetrie´

`Die Zeit. Eine Gebrauchsanweisung. / Entleibung (Part 1, Part 3)´

`Dieci´ // `La porta stretta´

`Dietilamide Vintage In Lana Di Vetro´

`DIE´ // `S`Û´

`Difference Engines´

`Different Roots´

`Digital Kind Of Guy´

`Dimensioni´ // `Parallelo´

`Diplocomp - A Diplodisc Sampler´


`Disc 1 + [Inherited And Partially Transmitted]´

`Discard Hidden Layers?´ // `Realgar´

`Disco interno´

`Discography´ // `Ate Ate Ate´



`Disturbi Concreti Nel Disordine Dei Sogni´


`Div/orce Series 1´



`Dna ep´ // `Hangover the top´ // `Made flesh´ // `Three hundred´

`Do Not Destroy´

`Do. So´


`Dog Series 1-12´

`Dolci ricordi´

`Domenica 12 ottobre in Melbourne´

`Domenica 27 luglio in Melbourne´

`Domenica 31 agosto in Melbourne´

`domizilvsantifrostlive´ // `Encyclopedia-RW´

`Don Luiggi ed altri canti a-sociali´ // `At Go Go´ // `fRr(r)´

`Don't Remember´

`Don`t Push The Piano Around´

`Don`t Worry Be Happy´


`Dorsal´ // `7X4X7´ // `Tidszon´

`Double Exposure´


`Dove è sempre notte (Christine Falls)´

`Doves Days in Palermo´ // `Diospyros´ // `Hyaline´

`Dream In A Landscape´

`Dream Time´

`Dreams Interrupted - The Bewilderbeat Years 1978-1980´ // `Stepping Out Of Line - The Anthology´



`Drive By´

`Drones For Diasporas´

`Dropping Stuff And Other Folk Songs´

`Drowning In Wood´

`Drum Sketches´

`Drums Along The Pacific´

`Drunk Upon Thy Holy Mountain´

`Drunken Forest´

`Dub Ainu Deluxe´

`Dub Ainu´




`Duo Sutera Novali´

`Duo...´ // `Rocca´

`Duos & Trios´

`Durch Und Durch´


`Dying Sun´ // `Slugabeld´

`D`ora stella´

`Eagle Prayer´


`Easy Listening´

`Eau De Punk´

`Ebbs And Flow´ // `Staggered Twisted Angled´

`Echoes From The Planet´

`Echoes of The Whales´

`Echoes of Thiiings / Fadiiing Echoes´



`Eco e Narciso´



`Edit Sur Passage Avant Fin Ou Montée D`instrument´

`Eight Pieces For The Buchla 100 Series´

`Eight Thrushes In New York´

`El osceno pà jaro de la noche´ // `Escape´ // `Live in Oblomova´

`El Tren Fantasma´

`Electric babyland´

`Electric Music´

`Electric Violence´

`Electroacoustic Works´


`Electronicgirls Vol # 1´



`ElectrosoundphrasesinTh(ou)gh(t)s´ // `S.O.C.G.: Vecchie Paure´ // `Ri-Tagli´ // `Inconcludenzia´

`Elementer´ // `Primitive Future´




`Emerald Stars´

`Emotion/Repetition´ // `Phonometak Split Series Vol. 4´

`Emotional Cabaret´

`Empty Houses Are Lonely´

`Empty Rooms´ // `180 Bullets Per Man´


`End Of Summer´ //`Gliding Clerks´ // `Oleo Strut´ // `Polvere´

`Endimione´ // `Bunga Bunga´ // `Non vogliamo un paradiso´

`Endless Night´

`Ends Of June´



`Entomologia´ // `Peyrano´


`EP C´


`Era una gioia appiccare il fuoco´

`Era´ // `?Alos - Xabier Iriondo´

`Erimos´ // `Kapnos´

`Eris I Dysnomia´ // `Ixtlahuaca´ // ‘Box Of Black´

`Erm´ // `Vignettes´ // `After Dinner´



`Erzählend Nah´ // `Live In Pisa´

`Escape Songs´

`Esco un attimo´


`Essays On Radio: Can I Have 2 Minutes Of Your Time´

`Essence of 3EEM´

`Estado LÖquido´ // `Armiarmak´

`Estamos En Todas Partes´


`Estremo Oriente Mediocre Occidente´

`Eternal Castle´

`Etude Begone Badum´ // `Bone Alphabet´


`Europe 2002´

`Every Live Is Problem Solving´

`Every Still Day´

`Everyone Alive Wants Answers´

`Ex Æquo´

`Ex-perimento #5´



`Examination Of The Eye Of A Horse´

`eXcavations´ // `Red Blue´

`Exercises in Style´


`Experimental Open Session @SPM Ivan Illich´

`Explicit´ // `Clairvoyance´

`Explode´ // `Annulé´ // `Luck´ // `Unsolved Remained´

`Exploding Views´

`Expo `70 / Be Invisible Now´


`Extreme Dreaming´ // `Disco Blu´


`Eyes Set Against The Sun´


`E`ltica, Sermony Your Nihilism´


`Face The Music / Respect Your Nightmares´ // `Oil Tasters´


`Faded on the Blowing of Winter´ // `The Frozen Seasons of Lisergia´


`Fair & Square´

`Falling Apart´


`Fantasia for 4 Hands and 1 Mouse´

`Farewell Aldebaran´

`Farewell Fields´

`Farfalle e Falene´

`Fat Fish´

`Fata Morgana´

`Fauxpas´ // `A Direct Sensuous Pleasure´

`Fear in the corner - prova aperta´


`Fellini 100 I Compani 35´



`Fields of Corn - A Binaural Sound Movie in San Martino Spino´

`Filament Box´

`Find Electronica´

`Fingering An Idea´

`Fingerprints, Medicine´ // `Black Taper Taiga´

`Fiori dal limbo´

`Fire Chorus´

`Fire Department and Rescue Squad´

`First Aid Kit´

`First Metheoretical Bulletin´

`First Thus´ // `Architectures On Air And Other Works´

`Five Feet From Home´


`Flashlight Seasons´


`Flawless Dust´ // `Scenes From A Trialogue´

`Floating Point´

`Floatin` Pieces´

`Flowers You Can Eat´



`Flux Compendium´ // `Gauticle´


`Foam and Souls´

`Folia´ // `Rebetika´

`Folk Cycles´ // `Marches Of The New World´

`Folk Roots, New Routes´ // `Folk, Blues & Beyond...´ // `Rock On´


`Food Foragers´

`For Arthur Doyle´ // `Osing Trance - Musik Patrol´

`For birds, planes & cello (a continuous field recording with cello)´

`For Bunita Marcus (1985)´

`For Seasons # 001: Melting Summer´ // `For Seasons # 002: ゆきどけ´

`For The Time Being´

`Forgotten Realm´


`Fòrte e Gendìle´


`Fortune Is Always Hiding´

`Fortune´ // `Arezzzo, Libreria Universitaria Leggere / 23 Ottobre 2008´

`Four gardens in one´

`Four Waves´

`fourtyfour fiftythree´

`Fractal Psych-obsessions For Rural Chaos´

`Fragile Touch Of The Coincidence´


`Francesco Serra´


`Free Jam´


`Friendly Fire´

`From Exile To Oblivion´

`From Now On´ // `Light´

`From The Desert Came Saltwater´

`From The Wooden Floor´

`From Tour´


`Fuck Work´

`Fugues´ // `Broken Wings Lead Arms To The Sun´

`Fula Fula Fular´ // `X-Mary Al Circo´

`Fun From None - Live From No Fun Fest 2004 & 2005´

`Fun is Near´ // `Welcome Home´

`Fuochi di stelle dure´


`Further Consequences Of Reinterpretation´

`Fuzz Orchestra´ // `Non Io´


`Gala Drop´

`Galactic Boredoms´

`Gamelan - Coming & Going´

`Gante Mishpuchah - Music in Three Parts´

`Garage#5 - Zwischen Bild und Ton´

`Garbo And Other Godesses Of Cinema + Bonus CD: Tango & Impro´

`Gariga´ // `Asp/Sec_´



`Gemina´ // `Atto´

`Geneva in neve´

`Germanotta Youth´


`Gestuelle du blue Tempo´ // `Journey Through The Shadow Of The Sun´

`Get Off´ // `Fremdkoerper´

`Get The People´ // `Long Play´

`Getting Closer´

`Getting Dressed for a Death Metal Party´ // `Dice not Included´

`Ghost Man On First´ // `Sleepwalks In The Garden Of The Dead Room´

`Ghostly Garden´

`Giorgio Rigon´



`Giuseppe Ielasi´

`Give No Quarter´

`Glance And Many Avenues (Live At Apex, Göttingen 2013)´

`Glissandro 70´

`Gluck Auf´


`Going Round In Serpentines´

`Gold Sounds´

`Goodbye Moonface´

`Goodmorning Utopia´

`Governo Laser´

`Grapes From The Estate´

`Grass is Flesh / Woman´




`Great Surround´



`Gro Mig En Blomst´ // `Skærsgårdslyd´

`Growing Heads Above The Roof´


`Guano padano´ // `Musica per Ciarlatani Ballerine e Tabarin´

`Guya from the kitchen of flowership curtains´


`Hang Over Sunday´

`Harmonica F`ever´ // `Albúmina Blues´ // `North And South Neutrino´ // `Live In Chicago´ // `Whistling Kettle Quartet´ // `10.000 Chickens Symphony´

`Harold Nono / Hidekazu Wakabayashi´


`Harpoon´ // `The Last Tree´ // `The Pirate`s Gospel´ // `Songs Whistled Through White Teeth´


`Hatali Atsalei (l'échange des yeux)´

`Hated By Butterflies´ // `Research´


`Have a Nice Trip´


`Hazey Tapes - ep´

`Headphone Musics, 1 to 6 / As Is As´

`Healing Memories And Other Scattering Times´ // `Invisible Pyramid: Elegy Box´

`Heartworn Highways´

`Heavy Heart / Faker´ // `Faker´

`Hednod Sessions´ // `Jesu´

`Helen Money´ // `In Tune´

`Helium Bliss´

`Hello Spiral´

`Helping Hand´

`Her Name´


`Here Are Your New Instructions´ // `Hotel Dilettante´

`Here Comes The Skinny Roller´


`Hero Crisis´

`Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method´

`Hey! Tonal´


`Hi Brasil Is Where We Are´

`Hidden Or Just Gone´

`Hide & Squeak´

`High Violet´

`Hikari Yami, Uchitokeaishi, Kono Hibiki´ // `Koko´ // `This Melting Happiness - Want You To Realize That It Is Another Trap´


`Hipsters Gone Ballistic´

`Historic Music Past Tense Future´

`Hito´ // `Kusa´

`Ho perso la testa´ // `Musica per autoambulanze´

`Hoe Alles Oplost´

`Holding Patterns´



`Holy Broken´

`Holy Letters´

`Homeogryllus Japonicus Orchestra 2004´


`Homo Ebetis´

`Homo Volans´ // `Something´

`Honey Ant Dreaming´ // `Reverie´ // `Warm Glow´ // `Bliss´

`Horizontal Mover (Homage To Alvin Lucier)´


`Hors-champ´ // `Marée Noire´


`Hotel Colon´

`Hotend - Do Tell Plays The Music Of Julius Hemphill´

`House Of Wax´

`Hoverload´ // `{}´

`How it feels to find there`s more´

`How To Get Rid Of The Darkness´

`Hudson Riv´

`Humungus Fungus´ // `Urano 1´ // `Urano 3´


`Hundloka, Flockblomstriga 1´

`Hyaena Reading in concerto - Viterbo 14 Marzo 2014´

`Hyperbeatz vol. 1´ // `俳句´ // `Different Constellation´



`I Am Not Sitting In A Room With Reynols´ // `Hey Ya´

`I Could not Love You More´

`I diari miserabili di Samuel Geremia Hoogan´

`I Fly´

`I Hope You are well, I am and I send you my fingers´

`I know when it`s time to get the fuck away´ // `The golden undertow´

`I Love Machine´

`I luoghi del potere´

`I Noitasi Inoi´

`I Segnali della Ritirata´

`I.K.K. - Purpur´

`I.´ // `Lonely Hymns And Pillars Of Emptibess´


`Ianus´ // `Aus Freien Stücken´

`Ichi to Ichi to Ichi ga Kasanatte shimaumade - Live at Mission`s´

`Identification With The Enemy: “A Key To The Underworld”´ // `Ku Klux Klowns´

`idroscalo d`autore - disco compatto numero uno´

`Idyll EP´

`If night is a weed and day grows legs´


`III° Tagofest´


`Il Ballo dell`Orso´

`Il Colombre´

`Il crollo della stufa centrale´

`Il Debutto´

`Il De` Blues´ // `Sì´

`Il De` Metallo´

`Il fiore della bocca´ // `Breath On The Floor´

`Il formicaio´ // `Nagual´ // `Hyppopotà mus´

`Il fuoco´

`Il gioco del silenzio´ // `Come sta Annie?´

`Il grande freddo´

`Il Nuovissimo Mondo´

`Il Nuovo è Al Passo Coi Tempi´

`Il polmone d`acciaio´

`Il ragazzo che sognava Kim Novak´ (titolo originale: `Kim Novak badale aldrig i Genesarets sjö´)

`Il Rombo Strozzato - impro ensemble´

`Il tempo ... tra le nostre mani, scoppiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!´ // `Eclipse´

`Il tempo dei lupi´


`Im Innersten´

`Im Not As Good At It As You´

`IMAfiction: Portrait # 01 - # 10´

`Immaterial 2´

`Improbable Transgressions´

`Improvisations 1-4´

`Improvised music for Imaginary Films´

`In Absentia´

`In Attesa, nel labirinto´

`in BLOOM´

`In Case We`ll Meet´ // `LEM´

`In due corpi´

`In Field &  Town´

`In God We Trust´

`In Her Words´

`In movimento´ // `Mixing Berries´ // `Il funerale della ninfea´

`In My Father's House Are Many Mansions´

`In Otherness Oneself´ // `Soothe My Soul, Feed My Thought´

`In Reverie´ // `The Album`

`In The Apartment House´

`In The Context Of´

`In the Morning Twilight´

`In The Other House´ // `Perversions Of The Aging Savant´

`In The Pendulum's Embrace´ // `Lost Like A Star´

`In Transmediale´

`In Vivo´


`Incantations´ // `Cruelly Coy´ // `Diffrazioni Sonore´

`Incidental Amplifications´

`INCIDENTI – Lo schianto´ // `O´

`Incisione´ // `La quinta essenza della mediocrità ´

`Incurable ep´


`Inertiadrome´ // `Renditions´ // `AM/FM´ // `8-inch #4´ // `Kriiskav Valgus´ // `MoHa! / Tape That split 10-inch´

`Infected Burst´

`Inferno´ // `Shy Girl´ // `OvO / Tremor split´


`Infinite Mind´ // `And I Pulled the Word `and` From My Beard´// `Deadly Space Missions´




`Insect tracks´


`Inside A Moving Machine´




`Instruments of the Devil´

`Insular Regions´

`Intentions... An Improvised Cycle´

`Intents & Purposes´


`Interference´ // `Chromatophore´




`Into The House Of Slumber´

`Introduction´ // `Live in Paris´

`Invite The Spirit 1983´ // `Invite The Spirit 2006´





`Iron Kim Style´


`isole che parlano 00 03´


`Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th´

`Istmo´ // `Atami´

`It Is Freezing Out´

`Itinerant Labours´

`Itsunomanika (いつのまにか)´ // `Platos Combinados´

`It`s Morning´

`I`m ep here´

`I`m Normal, My Heart Still Works´

`I`m Not Like You´

`ﺭﺍﺩﻳﻮ ﺇﺯﺩﺍﻍ´ // `Es Prohibido Cantar´

`είμαρμένη´ // `Kaczynski Tape Sessions - The Commercial Tape´



`Jarboe / Helen Money´


`Je Dechire l'ongle aux criminels´

`Je retiens ton souffle´

`Jealousy And Diamond´

`Jeanne Of The Dark´

`Jeff Carey´s MoHa!´ // `One-Way Ticket To Candyland´



`Jo Ha Kyū´

`Journey To The Center Of Noise´

`Jukebox all`idroscalo´

`Just Another Diamond Day´

`Just Before Dawn´

`Just One Night´ // `Atlas saltA (map lies, border lies...)´

`Justinian Intonations´

`k7 box´

`Kaczynski Tape Sessions - The Urban Tape´

`Kaikkeuden Kauneus Ja Kasittamattomyys´ // `Sateenkaarisuudelma´

`Kainkwatett´ // `Seumsund / Sundseum´ // `Spare Parts & The Ideology Toolkit´

`Kali Yuga´ // `Le filtre à sons - Vol. 1´




`Katacombe Vol. 3´



`Kawax´ // `Có Còl e Raspe´



`Key on a tongue´ // `Con le dovute eccezioni (la tregua reggerà )´ // `Zeno´

`Khawa`ter (Pensées)´


`Kielholen´ // `Fireproof In 8 Parts´

`Kientzy plays Johnson´


`Kill The Vultures´

`King Glitch´


`Kiss the light goodbye´

`Kitchen Love´


`Knots´ // `Action Silence Prayers´

`Kokoro Mayikibo´




`Kranenburg Tree´

`Kreuzung Zwei (Creatura Per Creaturam Continetur)´

`Kristallivirta´ // `Monsters & Miasmas´ // `Little things´ // `Live at the LUCREZIA´ // `Tron´ // `Conference of the aquarians´

`Krško - Valencia´



`L'estetica del cane´


`L'Ombra di Mezzogiorno´

`L'Orfeo Concluso´


`La bottega del suono (Mario Bertoncini. Maestri e allievi.)´

`La Chambre Des Jeux Sonores´

`La Chanson de Mai´

`La Chiamata´

`La chiave del 20´

`La Constitution de la République du Savage´

`La fisica delle nuvole´

`La foce del ladrone´

`La Grande Arte Della Luce e Dell`Ombra (Archeologia del Cinema)´

`La Louve´

`La macarena su Roma´

`La mer, la bataille, la mort´

`La musica rock-progressiva europea´

`La Musica Umana´

`La peggior mezzora della vostra vita´

`La prima volta´

`La pursuite de l'excellence´

`La Quarta Dimensione´

`La rete di Indra´

`La signora Marron´

`La Solitudine del Sole´ // `Fino alla fine della notte´

`La spensieratezza´

`La stagione del Cannibale´

`La Stanza di Swedenborg´

`La tªte qui flotte´ // `Ask For Tiger´

`La vedova di un uomo vivo´

`La vera macchina d`argento´ // `Medves´

`La Vergine e la Rivoluzione´

`La via della salute´

`LAB 12 #2´

`Labo MTL´ // `Two Ships´ // `On The Verge Of Redundance´ // `Soffuse Tragedy´

`Lake Biwa´

`Lake Effect´



`Lamo La Stiabe´

`Landing Talk - Le Zattere dei sentimenti´ // `I Could Go On Singing´ // `Zu/Dalek´

`Landscapes And Lamentations´


`Larkin Grimm And Rosolina Mar´ // `Last Days Vol. II´

`Last Days Of The Sun´

`Last Tango in Paris (the music of Gato Barbieri & Jazztangos)´

`Lasting Ephemerals´ // `Don Kixote´ // `Moon´


`Lauluja surun kaaresta´ // `Aalto´

`Law Speed´

`Lay Your Soul Bare´

`Laylet el Booree´

`Laze biose´

`Le baptªme de la solitude´ // `Free For(m) Rimbaud´ // `Platessa´

`Le Désastre. L`Humanité! (Monochrome Block Circuits)´ // `Maternage, part-object, contingency, casuality, horrible memories, negation ... & blind!´

`Le goût de néant´

`Le nove ombre del caos´

`Le nuvole si spostano comunque´

`Le spectre de la rose´

`Lead Singer´

`Leah & Chloe´ // `Scale Down´ // `Birrificio Atlantic Oil - 23 Aprile 2008´

`Leaking Words´

`Learn To Live´

`Left Hand Theory (Live At Il Torrione)´


`Lendormin Live´

`Lengvai / 60 x One Minute Audio Colours Of 2kHz Sound´

`Les danseurs de la pluie´ // `5 Rimbaud 1 Verlaine´

`Les Ondes Silencieuses´

`Les Oscillations´

`Les Ravageurs´

`Less Action, Less Excitement, Less Everything´

`Lesson No. 1 [Bonus Track]´

`Let It Fall´// `Does The Moon Not Dream´


`Let`s Trade Pants´

`Libertè Égalitè Fraternité´

`Libro Audio´


`Licking Up Dust´ // `Hauenfiomiume´ // `Live´

`Lieu´ / `Detrimental dialogue´


`Light From Another Light´


`Lighting Ghost´

`Like A Packed Cupboard But Quite...´ // `Now There`s A Weird Taste In My Mouth´

`Like Lamps On By Day´

`Lili Refrain´

`Lingue di fuoco´

`Liquid Identities´

`Little Waves´

`Live & Replayed´ // `Semisferi´ // `A Herdsman`s Life´

`Live @ The Ironworks Vancouver´

`Live @ The Theatre, Rozzano, 13 dicembre 2012´

`Live At Audio Art Festival 03´

`Live At B-Flat´

`Live at Bloom 22/2/2011´

`Live at Cafe Independants - Friday 23 January 2004´

`Live At Club Der Polnischen Versager, Berlin 2016´ // `Hyvinkää´

`Live At Crash´ // `Twelve`s´

`Live At Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 2012´

`Live At Kühlspot´

`Live At La Resistenza´

`Live At Lab 12 - Part 1 Rev_Enf´ // `Live at Lab 12 - Part 2 Playing Other People - My Bundle Of Files´

`Live At L`Horloge´

`Live At L`Usine´

`Live At Nikodemus Church´

`Live at Novarajazz 2009´

`Live At The Bimhuis´

`Live at the Cosmic Egg, 10.06.2000´

`Live At The Kerava Jazz Festival´

`Live At The Satyricon´

`Live At Torrione Jazz Club´

`Live Bujùn Dokument / Graz / June 11th 2009´

`Live Capitol Brig´

`Live In Pisa'

`Live Spomen Dom´

`Live Tago Fest 5-7-`08´

`Live! At Super Deluxe´

`Live!iXem 2004´




`Live´ // `1/4´

`Live´ // `An Evening In Houston´

`Living In A Pixel´

`Lo gnomo e lo gnu´

`Lo spazio delle fasi´

`Lo stretto necessario´

`Local Customs´


`LOL-a-bye´ // `Prendi fiato´

`London Strings´

`Long Story Short´

`Long, lontain´

`Longitude / Cratere´

`Lonius´ // `frcture´

`Look at Me´

`Looping I-VI (and other assorted love songs)´

`Lost Bags´

`Lost Marbles´



`Louden Up Now´

`Love & Lamentation´

`Love Is My Motor´

`Low Dinamic Orchestra´

`Low Sun / High Moon´


`Lucca And Bologna Concerts´

`Lumottu Karkkipurkki´ // `Kellari Juniversumi (reprint)`

`L` me sûre ruse mal´

`L`addimmuru´ // `Teufeltanzmasken´

`L`alba irradia l`inutile parola´

`L`amitiè ou les rumeurs insoutenables du désir´ // `Et ses apparitions´ // `Par noussss touss les trous de vos cranes!´


`L`anno dell`uragano´

`L`après, l`(a)-Dieu (40mt, under)´

`L`arte della fuga´

`L`Arte Della Guerra´

`L`arte di sciogliere la neve´ // `La vita sociale´

`L`Autre Cap´

`L`eccitante attesa´

`L`écorce Chante La Forªt´

`L`écurie´ // `Satanische Vrede´

`L`île re-sonante´ // `Elemental II´

`L`inizio della neve´

`L`Innondazione´ // `Fallen´ // `The Killer Ep´


`L`Italia nelle canzoni´

`L`ocelle mare´


`L`ultimo re´ // `Live at Arci Blob´

`M.I. Nheem Alysm´

`Maddalena, Maria´



`Magic Pandemonio´

`Magyar Népköltészet´

`Mail From Fushitsusha´ // `You Should Prepare To Survive Through Even Anything Happens´


`Maledetta Dopamina´

`Maledette rockstar´

`Malo´ // `Sacrée Obsession´

`Mammal Class´


`Man Overboard´


`Mandarin Movie´


`Manhattan [linear, circular, lateral]´

`Manifesto della chimica romantica´

`Mantic´ // `Polishing The Mirror´

`Mantle EP´

`Manuale audiofonico sull`assenza di senno´ // `Il Duo Azure´ // `Live at Barcone - Torino - 16.10.2004´

`Map´ // `Non Solo / Untitled´

`March(e)ingegno Sonoro´

`March(e)ingegno Sonoro´

`Margareth, Frank and the Bear´

`Mars Is Heaven´ // `NEO PI-R´ // `Double Feature´

`Martedì 11 Luglio 2006 @ Auditorium di Roma´

`MASS´ // `Homo Sacer´

`Material´ // `3e Jour´

`Materia´ // `Triptych (Tautological)´


`Matter´ // `Folklor Invalid´

`Meccanismi e desideri semplici´

`Medusa Dreaming´

`Meet the Bolton's´

`Meeting Points´

`Melancholia´ // `Cure And Mound´

`Memento Rumori´

`Memoirs Of Four Discarded Objects´

`Memoria Istruttiva´ // `Funeral Parties´

`Memory Drawings´

`Memory Like Water´

`Memory Loss´

`Memory Makes Noise´


`Mercato centrale´

`Merde, il pleut´




`Metaphysics Of Entropy´

`Metaprogramming From Within The Eye Of The Storm´ // `Gelbe Tupfen´

`Méthodologie Contextuelle´ // `Sequenze per raffigurazioni mentali #1´

`Metropolitan Meeting´




`Michigan And Arcturus´


`Mid Summer At The Winters´


`Mike Westbrook`s Love Songs´

`Milano´ // `Sinking Into A Miracle´

`Miles Mix Files´ // `La città è piccola di notte e mi sento un cane´ // `2=X´


`Mini Dakedo Demo Album´

`MiniDisc. only 3cd´ // `Three Compositions´

`Minimal Boom!´

`Minimal Damage´ // `Time To Do My Lions´ // `Windfall´

`Mini´ // `Tornare Nella Terra´


`Miss Dove Mr. Dove´

`Missa Brevis´

`Mit Dem NMUI in so 36 '79´



`Modern Primitive´

`Moltitudine in labirinto´


`Momentan Def.´

`Money`s On Fire´

`Monika Bärchen: Songs for Bruno, Knut & Tom´


`Monogon´ // `Re-Mix´


`Monólogos a Dois´ // `Solo Acoustic Guitar Improvisations I´


`Moondog Mask´


`Moov Spot´ // `Real Time Satellite Data´

`Moraines II´

`More Gloom, More Light ´ // `Nmperign + Dorner, Beins´ // `We devote every effort to offer you the best that you deserve to have for your enjoyment´

`More Lovely And More Temperate´

`More Nasty´ // `Svimmelhed´ // `Residual Ugly´

`Morte a 33 giri´

`Mother Afrika´

`Mount A´

`Mount Washington´ // `Team Up´

`Mr. Bore´

`Muddy speaking ghosts through my machines´ // `The stones know everything´




`Music For A Different Room´

`Music For Cat Movies´

`Music For Cymbal´

`Music for fragments from the inside´

`Music For Organ´

`Music for Shopping Malls´

`Music in Four Movements´

`Music Of Richard Lerman´

`Musica onirica per film immaginari´

`Musica per la lumaca più triste´

`Musica per un anno´ // `Musica endoscopica´

`Musica Reticolare´



`Mutant Theatre´

`My Dear Siegfried´

`My Favorite Strings´

`My Favorite Tics´

`My New Lifestyle´


`Mystère du Printemps´


`N'ecoutez Pas On´



`Naked Wolf´ // `Buiten Dienst´


`Nasprias Cave´ // `Utopos´

`Native Aliens Ensemble´

`Natura Morta´ // `Blind Sun New Century Christology´ // `Dust & Mirrors´



`Nei Paesi Novembre E` Un Bel Mese Dell`Anno´ // `Era Notte A Sud´


`Never Pet A Burning Dog´



`New Great Lakes´

`New Music For Old Instruments´ // `Archaic Variations - Localization´

`New Rap´ // `Yaranaiga Dekinaikotoni Natteyuku´

`New York - St. Johann´ // `Aural Vertigo´

`New York City´ // `Gaycre (2)´ // `Demain, c`est Paris-Roubaix´

`Night Dancers´

`Night Dawn Day (Music For George Romero)´

`Night Kitchen - an hour of ruined piano´ // `Capsizing Moments´

`Night Life´

`Night time recordings from Göteborg´




`Nine Months To The Disco´

`Ninnananne tristi per bambini cattivi´


`Nino e l`inferno´

`Nita - l`angelo sul trapezio´


`No Furniture´

`No man put asunder´ // `(untitled 7-inch)´

`No Need To Be Lonesome´

`No Room For Doubt´

`No Room For The Weak´

`No Survivors For The New World´

`Noble Art ´

`Nocturnal Emission 1st Flight´ // `Nocturnal E (Mix) Ssion 1st Flight´

`Noises From Melancholia´

`noli me legere ...to Maurice Blanchot´



`Non Dweller´ // `Erosion´



`North Six´ // `Never Give Up On The Margins Of Logic´

`Not Alone´

`Not Overtly Orchestral´

`Notes for the synthesis´

`Nothing Changes No One Can Change Anything, I Am Ever-Changing Only You Can Change Yourself´

`Nothing Outstanding´ // `Blue Willa´ // `You Should Reproduce´


`Notte di mamma´


`Nova esperanto (l’album perduto del 2006)´

`Now That It's The Opposite, It's Twice Upon A Time´

`Nowhere Campfire Tapes´

`Now´ // `Crap´

`Nox Lux´

`Nu Frequency´


`Nuevo Mundo´

`Numen - Life Of Elitra Lipozi´




`Object Set And Motion´

`Objects 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 e 6´

`Obsession´ // `Guns of Brixton´

`Ocean Of Earth´

`Ochre Land, Blue Blue Skies´ // `Misenlian´ // `Cloud´


`Odds And Ends´

`Oder Delias Or Butterflies´


`Off Leash´

`Offret - Sacrificio´

`Offshore Zone´


`Oggi ho indossato la tua mancanza´

`Oh! You are so naive!´


`Okho, Psappha, Rebonds A & B´

`Olanda in Due (Live At NovaraJazz Italy 2015)´

`Old Red City (Live at Crash)´ // `Gluck Auf´

`Oltre il cielo alberato´


`Omaggio a Marino Zuccheri´

`On Grey´ // `Your Hair In My Trail´

`On The Move´

`On War´


`One (For [Your Name] Only)´ // `Double Sun´

`One Day With My Fishing Umbrella´

`One Hot Afternoon´

`One Mutant Minute: Based On Noto's 747´

`One Single Sound´ // `Open To The Sea´ // `Grandpa´

`One Way Ticket´



`Onrushing Cloud´

`Op Der Schmelz Live´ // `Cactus Truck Live In USA (with Jeb Bishop and Roy Campbell)´

`Open Mouth, O Wisp On´

`Ophelia Wanders´ // `Shortest Way to the Moon´


`Orastanne´ // `Live @ LHUBrificio´

`Ordine `91 - `96´

`Organ And Silence´

`Organ Eye´

`Organic Resonance´

`Origine Comune - Sinewaves Compilation´



`Other Colors´

`Our Moon is Full´

`Our Prayer´ // `Up To Earth´

`Out For Stars´

`Out of space festival of performance + sound installation....´

`Out To Lunch´

`Outpost Live´

`Outta Kali Phobia´



`Ovary Lodge´


`Over The Ridge´

`Oxyoquet - El Volcán Silencioso (Piezas En Cadencia I-XII)´ // `Kio Ge´ // `Ore´

`O`er The Land Of The Freaks´

`Paesaggi di Libero Ascolto´

`Pain Pen´

`Paint lines on your glasses look up at the stars and play them as notes´

`Paint Your Lips While Singing Your Favourite Pop Song´

`Palaa Aurinkoon´

`Pan Project´


`Papercuts´ // `Jon Mueller, Bhob Rainey & Jim Schoenecker´

`Pappelallee 5´

`Paquet Surprise´

`Parallel Easters´



`Parete 1967 (Per Emilio Vedova)´

`Pareti nude´

`Paris´ // `Brame´ // `Bords de Mhère´

`Part Monster´


`Passage´ // `AOUIE - Bass Clarinet Solo´

`Passato, presente, nessun futuro´

`Pathethilyc Ruins Orkestra´ // `Deadlake´

`Patterns of Plants II´

`Pea Soup´

`Peak Experience´

`Peakock Eyes´

`Pelt´ // `Catonapotato´ // `The Naive Shaman´

`People And Places´

`Percussion Music´ // `Vibra #1´

`Perfect Laughter´

`Peripheral Vision´



`Peruvian Electroacoustic And Experimental Music (1964-1970)´


`Phantom Limb & Bison´

`Phantom Orchard´

`Phase Duo´

`Phonometak #7´

`Phonometak #8´

`Phonometak Series #3´ // `A Bullet Sounds The Same (in Every Language)´

`PhonoMetak Split 10-inch Series´ // `Avorio erotic movie´ // `Garage Blu´

`Piallassa (Red Desert Chronicles)´

`Piano Breath (Action Music)´

`Piano Improvisations´ // `Solo Piano´

`Piccola Orchestra Artigianale degli Improvvisatori di Valdapozzo´

`Piet Mondrian´

`Pigs Of The Roman Empire´


`Pinarella Blues´


`Pink Shark´ // `The Planet: Transport´ // `TV Pow. Powerful Friends And Devoted Lovers´

`Pink Violin´


`Pioneer 23´

`Pioneer´ // `Tayutafu´

`Pipe Smoking On A Balloon´


`Pirandèlo Suona´

`Piume che cadono´

`PIVIXKI´ // `End of Daze´



`Plans Drawn in Pencil´


`Plasma Expander´

`Plastic Fantastic´

`Playing By Numbers´

`Plays Borromean Rings´ // `And Who Sees The Mystery´ // `Nabelóse´

`Plays Polmo Polpo´

`Plays The Stooges´ // `The Driver´

`Plus vite que la musique´

`Pneuma´ // `Solo Voce´ // `Songs To Cry By For The Golden Age Of Nothing´


`Pocket Progressive´

`Poem Pot Plays Pantano´

`Poets And Pornstars´







`PopeWaffen´ // `Come ho imparato a volare´

`Popular Greggio´


`Porosità ´

`Porte d`octobre´

`Porteremo gli stessi panni´

`Possible Landscape´

`Post Jazz Chamber Music´

`Postcard From A Trauma´

`Poste e telegrafi´

`Post_Piano 2´


`Pour en finir´ // `New Vocabulary´

`Pour un pianiste (1973 - 1974)´


`Prakriti´ // `Transmutations´

`Prayers From the Underbelly´

`Predictable point of impact´ // `#1´

`Preghiera per una stella´ // `Gravescapes´ // `Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?´



`Private Poverty Speaks To The People Of The Party´ // `The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again´ // `Read Between The Lines... Think Outside Them´

`Pro Agonist´

`Process And Passion´

`Procession Of The Great Ancestry´ // `Compassion´ // `America´

`Procession Of The Ornaments´


`Product 02´




`Promises´ // `Terre in vista´ // `Jacopo Bordoni - Muratore Poeta Ribelle´


`Prontuario per giovani foglie´

`Proposte Sonore´

`Prospect Hummer´ // `Berserker´ // `Jesus Chryst´ // `Worn Copy´

`Prossime trascendenze´


`Proveniamo da estremi´

`Psicopatologia del Serial Killer´

`Pulses & Places´ // `The Myth Of Persistence Of Vision Revisited´

`Pulsioni Oblique Vol. 2´ // `Hardboiled´

`Pulsioni oblique´ // `For Anita´ // `Musica per camaleonti´

`Pulverized Purple´ // `Uhrfasudhasdd´

`Punctum Contra Punctum´

`Purple Orange´


`Qonicho Ah!´

`Qua 'ndo lu cautu se mori´


`Qualcosa mi sfugge´

`Qualcosa nel mio Piccolo´

`Qualts art teex deleo´ // `Carne al fuoco´

`Quando sono assente mi manco (crisi d'identità contemporanee)´




`Quatre tonalités pour enceintes urbaines´ // `Chloral Works I & II´

`Quatro-Eronic-Occupy Theme`s Part II´

`Queezy Epiphany Coming Through The Wall´ // `Stop Touching My Cat´ // `Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse´

`Quellgeister #1´


`Qui Jiang Lu´

`Quien Sabe?´

`Q´ // `Which Side Are You On´


`Rádha-Kršna (Songs Of Love)´


`Radical Bending´


`Radio Amor´


`Radìs´ // `22:22´ // `Diario Acustico´

`Ragas & Blues´

`Rainforest IV´

`Rainy Days´

`Rampotanza Grodo Rempelente´ // `Sosina Arada Mica´


`Rational Melodies / Bedtime Stories´

`Raus Aus Stavanger´


`Re Worked Materials :: 1999 2002 ::´




`Real Hair´ // `Behind The Barber´

`Real People´ // `Jazz is Free And So We Are´ // `Elastic Jargon´

`Reazioni pilomotorie´

`Rebuilding Pantaleone`s Tree´

`Reciprocal Uncles´

`Recorded Live At EF Gallery/Bar, March 18th, 2004´

`Rectal Exploration´

`Red Gold´ // `Sighs Trapped By Liars´ // `Safe Inside The Day´

`Red Room´ // `Perspectives´

`Red v Green´


`Reflections in Black´



`Reharsal Fakestry´

`Reibungen´ // `Shifting Moods´

`Rejoicing In The Hands´




`Repas Froid´ // `Ante-Mortem´ // `Les Comores´

`Repas Froid´ // `Jeanne´ // `Hystérie Off Music´

`Repeat Please!´


`Resistance Cruisers´ // `Rashaya´

`Résonances Ossip Zadkine´

`Resonant Objects´

`Resonating Universes´

`Reuze Reuze´

`Reveal'd To None As Yet - An Expedience To Utterly Vanish Consciousness While Still Alive´ //`PSF & Alchemy (20th Anniversary Live)´

`Reverse Camouflage´

`Reverse Drift / Reverse Charge´

`Revolutionary Ensemble´


`Rex Xhu Ping´

`Rhaianuledada (Songs To Sissy)´

`Rhythm Science: Excerpts and Allegories from the Sub Rosa Audio Archive'



`Rid the Tree of its Rain´

`Ridin' The Stang´

`Rien, Merci´

`Riflessi´ // `Natura Inorganica´

`Right Error´


`Risonanze orbitali - opere e domande´

`Ritual For Expansion´

`River Through Howling Sky´

`Riverboat Styx´


`Rmxd By Daniele Brusaschetto´

`Road Works´

`Robert M // Adams & Bancroft´


`Rollerball´ // `Sitespecific for Orange Squirrel´

`Room For The Moon´ // `Гибкий график´

`Room With Sky´

`Roots and Fruits´

`Rosolina Mar meet Trumans Water´

`Rosolina Mar´ // `EAReNOW´

`Rostock - Namur´

`Rotty What´

`Rot´ // `Da cantare - Opere vocali 1951- 1983´

`Royals´ // `Become Objects of Daily Use´


`Rubble 1´


`Rumor Vincit Omnia´

`Rumore austero´ // `Sitcom Koan´ // `Maps And Mazes´

`Rumors... Of War´

`Rumpus Room´

`Run, The Darkness Will Come!´ // `Fetzen Fliegen´ // `Two Sides Of The Moon´

`Rurale´ // `Fassbinder Wunderkammer´


`Rûw hîne´

`S/T´ // `Nee Niemals Nicht´

`Saca Los Cuernos al Sol´

`Sachiko M & Sean Meehan´

`Sacred Ground´ // `Snug as a Gun´ // `We Are Not Obstinate Island´

`Safe In Their Alabaster Chambers´

`Saillances´ // `MétamOrphée´

`Sale quanto basta´


`Salvate il mio maglione dalle tarme´

`Same Difference´

`Same Place Different Weather´ // `Beau Chien ´

`Sampler And Zither´


`Sandro Codazzi´

`Sanhedolin´ // `Tokyo Flashback 5´


`Sarajevo Blues´



`Sauna: Um, Dois, Trªs´

`Saw Mill Man´


`Scatole Sonore (2 Marzo 2006)´ // `Scatole Sonore (6 Aprile 2006)´

`Scatole Sonore (5 Gennaio 2006)´ // `Scatole Sonore (2 Febbraio 2006)´

`Scatole Sonore - 1 dicembre 2005´ // `Scatole Sonore - 5 gennaio 2006´

`Schio | Duemilaquattro´

`Schönberg Pierrot Lunaire - Cheap Imitation´ // `Volksmusik´

`Schwingende Luftsäulen 2´

`Schwingende Luftsäulen 3´

`Schwingende Luftsäulen´

`Science Ep Vol 3+4´


`Scum From The Sun´

`Seasick Blackout´

`Season Two´


`Secousses Panoramiques´ // `Air.ratio´


`Seductive Sabotage´ // `The Mystery of guests´ // `Rigop Me´


`Selamatkan Bumi (Save the Planet)´


`Selected Works For Piano And/Or Sound-Producing Media´

`Selektion Key Orchestra´ // `Reverence fot uncertainty´ // `Spirits, little dreams, and improvisations´

`Self Portrait In Pale Blue´

`Semi Peterson´

`Semmai semiplay´


`Senza titolo´

`Separate Chambers´

`Separations´ // `Split CD´ // `Seven Ways´ // `Truth Behind The Curtain´ // `Grains´

`Sequence A´

`Sequens´ // `Hums´

`Sessione Pre Angiou´


`Seven Songs For A Disaster´ // `Keep Your Hands Free´



`Sguardi Sonori 2004´

`Shadows Over Humanity´

`Shall I Download A Blackhole And Offer It To You´


`Shimmer´ // `A Rose Is A Rose´

`Shining´ // `The Forbidden 80s´

`Short Walk with Olaf´


`Si rompe il silenzio nel giardino delle mandragole´

`Si si´

`Siamo Nati Vegetali´

`Sick Sex And Meat Disasters In A Wasted Psychic Land´

`Sicotronic Records´

`Sieben Mal Solo´



`Silence Be Alive (生きてこい沈黙)´

`Silent Carnival´

`Silent People´


`Silo Thinking´ // `X´

`Silver Shoals of Light´

`Simulando un Refugio´

`Singles. Period.´


`Sintesi da un diario´


`Six Residua´

`Six Twilights´



`Sketches For Violin And Vinyl´

`Sky Diary Edits´

`Sleeping Beauty´

`Sleepless Nights / Lysergic Mornings´ // `Impressioni organizzate di ansie liquide´

`Sleepless Night´ / `Marit´

`Sleeps With Fishes´

`Sliptong´ // `Hazentijd´

`Slow Speed: Deep Owls´

`Small Explosions that are yours to keep´ // `Norden´

`Smoking In Heaven´

`So In Love´


`Soft left onto westland´

`Softened Edges´

`Solar Ipse #4´

`Sold Out! (25 Soundtracks)´

`Solo Flutes´

`Solo [3]´ // `Percussionist Songs´ // `Miramar´ // `Berlin Drums´

`Solos And More At Studio 304´

`Some Thoughts About Shkrang!´

`Someday I will be called upon regarding matters of tone - Collected Works: Volume One´


`Something #1´

`Somewhere Out There´

`Song Cycle´

`Songs About Music´

`Songs and Sounds´

`Songs For Nicolas Ross´

`Songs for Zev Asher Before He's Dead´

`Songs from The Eternal Dump´

`Songs On The Line´

`Songs to Defy´

`Sonic Alter - Deepchord Remix´

`Sonic Scope 04: The Portable Edition´

`Sonitus 2006´

`Sono andato a letto presto´


`Sotto assedio´ // `Il giorno delle altalene´ // `Endless Tapes EP´


`Sound Sculptures´

`Sound Voice Perform´

`Soundcards 01´



`Soundpostcards´ // `We Could for Hours´ // `The First Born´

`Soundtrack Stories´

`South Of Me´ // `For Alan Lomax´

`Space Hymn - The Complete Capitol Recordings´

`Space Light´

`Space Solo 1´


`SPARE ME/calf´ // `Guinea Pig´

`Special Adaptations Volume 1´


`Spider Smile´

`Spime 2019´


`Spirits Transform Me´


`Split CD´ // `DooMooD´



`Spoil, Microbe´ // `First Cut´


`Spots In The Sun´

`Spring Estuary´



`Stand Up Comedy´ // `Renard´

`Standards (Brussels) 2006´

`Stars of the Lid and their Refinement of the Decline´



`Steeljaguar for Rocket´

`Stella del mare´


`Still Important Somekind Not Normally Seen (Always Not Unfinished)´

`Still Life With Commercials´

`Still Living In The Desert´

`Still Valley´ // `Viking Burial For A French Car´

`Stille Post´


`Stof´ // `Thin Air´ // `Live at the Outpost Performance Space´

`Stolen Time´

`Stompa og stine´ // `Amber´ // `Le Lieu´ // `New sad epilogue of my nice electronic composer´ // `Copie´

`Stones No.2´ // `Sternenstaub´



`Storm´ // `Jessamine´


`Strange Love´

`Strawberry Jam´


`Strewth! An Abstract Electronic Compilation From Australia & New Zeland´

`String Quartets [1 & 2]´

`String Quartets´ // `Stanze´


`Stuck in the Room Full of Mirrors´



`Stupid Love & Smart Laught´

`Submarine´ // `Touch´ // `Maariv´

`Subtle Matters´

`Success Planetarie International´

`Succi con ghiaccio´

`Sucker Punch Requiem´

`Sufjan Stevens presenta The Age of Adz a Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle 2011´

`Suites And Seeds´ // `Extended — For Strings And Piano´ // `Zeit´


`Sul Filo´

`Sulle tracce della volpe´

`Sum And Subtraction´ // `2. Akt´ // `Utopia´


`Sung Inside A House´

`Sung Tong´

`Sunlight & Water´

`Sunset to Sunrise´

`suoni : oggetti : risonanti´

`Super 8´

`Super Axel Dörner´ // `Lohn & Brot´

`Super Human´

`Supercoclea for new apes´

`Superfici Sonore #3: IXEM - Firenze 25 26 27 Giugno 2003´





`Surgical Steel´

`Sweet Noise on the Sofa´

`Swimming Against The Moments´

`Swimming In It´

`Swims EP´

`Switch Parmenide´

`Sycamore Age´

`Sylissain Oot´ // `Hyppy Tunti´






`Take The Long Way Home´


`Tales From The Sky (H) Earth´ // `Meditation On Mystery Bird´ // `God Has A Dog Dog Has A God´

`Talibam!´ // `Hungry Hungry Hemispheres´

`Talking And Drum Solos´

`Talking Drum´





`Tape Crash #11: The Examination´

`Tape Crash #12´

`Tape Crash #6´

`Tape Crash #8´ // `Version d`un ouvrage traduit´

`Tape Crash 14´ // `Tape Crash 15´

`Tape/Operette - opera remixes´

`Tapes Amateurs´


`Tarlo Terzo´


`Tayutayuto Tadayoitamae Kono Furue´

`Tears of the Valedictorian´

`Techno Girls´

`Techno Lovers´ // `Karel Thole´

`Tecniche Arcaiche live at Angelica´

`Tecniche arcaiche´ // `Prima di qualsiasi altra cosa allora si perderà ´

`Tectonic Shifts´ // `Modus Of Raw´


`Telegraphy By The Sea´

`Tell No Lies´

`Tempesta di fiori´

`Temps En Terre´

`Ten cases of human aberration´

`Ten Types Of Elsewhere´



`Territory´ // `l’A Neuve´ // `Zeitweise Leichter Schneefall´

`Tesa Musica Marginale´

`Tessuti - Paolo Angeli Plays Frith & Björk´ // `Mats Gustafsson / Paolo Angeli´

`Testa Piena d`orche´ // `Attimo in un wormhole´

`Thalidomusic For Young Babies´

`That Is Not So´

`The 1 Season´

`The 21st Century Hard-Y-Guide-Y Man´ // `Reverb´ // `Saa Mannakada Donna Kanji´ // `Ashita arufabetto ga, kiete shimaimasu yo ni´

`The Agents of Impurity´

`The Album´

`The Allegorical Power Series Volume VII, December 2003´

`The Amateur Hermetic´ // `Product 06´ // `Untitled # 164´ // `The Air In The Sand´

`The Ambush Party´ // `KA DA VER´

`The Anabaptist Loop´

`The angular acceleration of light in the unsound mind of my uncle dead in Michigan´

`The animation of lists and the archytan transpositions´ // `Gestaltsystem 0 :: Possible forms´

`The Ape Of Naples´

`The Beatlerape´

`The Bird And The Word´

`The Bird You Never Were´

`The Black Wood´ // `Axes´

`The Blue Mountain`s Sun Drummer´

`The Bolomo Mogal F Hits´

`The Boy Who Floated Freely´

`The Brutality of Misbreathing´

`The Calendar´

`The carpenter´

`The Cclose Calll´

`The Circle Is Not Round´

`The City Of Simulation [14 audio-visual poems]´

`The Clash Of The Titans´

`The Clearing´

`The Cold Plan´

`The Cold Summer Of The Dead´

`The Coldest January´

`The Collected Poem For Blind Lemon Jefferson´

`The Complete 10-inch Series From Cold Blue´

`The Complete Guide to Insufficiency´

`The Complete Yale Concert, 1966´

`The Cost Of Service´ // `CaseMatte / коробочка для пилюль´ // `Threatening Fragments From Four Boulders´

`The Day´

`The Dessert´

`The Doldrums´

`The ear that was sold to a fish´

`The Earth Cries Blood´

`The Empty Space´

`The End of the Empire´

`The Even Times´

`The Exodus Suite´

`The Fierce and the longing´

`The Film Music Of Nino Rota (1911-1979)´

`The First Will & Testament´ // `Don`t Pressure The Man With The Knife´

`The Footpath´

`The Galilean Moons´

`The Garden Of Brokenness´

`The Geometry Of Sentiment´

`The Golden Morning Breaks´

`The Great Northern X´

`The Green Morning´

`The Halfduck Mystery´

`The Harmless Dust´ // `Quartet´ // `Radial´

`The Harmony Of Contradictions´

`The Haunting Triptych´

`The House of Mourning´

`The House on the Causeway´

`The Hovering´

`The impossible story of Bubu´

`The Indeterminate Existence´ // `Luggage´

`The Infinite Travelling´

`The Irresistible New Cult Of Selenium´

`The Jackals´

`The Kenya Sessions´

`The Last Dj´

`The Last Five Minute´

`The Living, The Dead, The Sleepers And The Insomniacs´

`The Magazines You Read´

`The Men Album´

`The Miracles Of Only One Thing´

`The Missing Tapes´

`The Modern Expressing Machines Of Revolutionary Youth Laboratory´

`The Monkeys in The Zoo Have More Fun Than Me´

`The Muesli Man´

`The Munderkingen sessions, part. 1´ // `Duets for prepared unprepared and toy pianos´

`The mutant affair´ // `Le politiche del prato´

`The Next Wait´

`The Next Wave of Omnigalactic Peace Warriors´

`The Night Of The 13th` Moon´

`The Noise & The City´

`The Occurrence´

`The Old Good Summer - Tape Crash # 7´

`The Organ Of Corti´

`The Other Lies´

`The other side of this´

`The Outstanding Story of Mr. Mallory´

`The Owl`s Map´

`The Polvere`s Farewell´

`The Power Of Del te´

`The Private Language Problem (New Electro-acoustic Compositions, 2001-2007)´

`The Psyche´

`The Quality Of Something Audible´

`The Real New Fall LP (Formerly `Country On The Click´)´

`The red giant meets the white dwarf´

`The Red Tower´

`The Rest, I Leave To The Poor´

`The Restless Fall´ // `Don Quiból´

`The Return Of The 120 Magicians´

`The Return Of The Magic Mold´ // `Mayday Calls´ // `Fortean Boomerangs´

`The Road´

`The Rough And Rynge´

`The Sad Mac´ // `Pieces Of Winter´ // `On Tape´

`The Sails Of Self´ // `Evolutions In Sound : Live´

`The Science of Chaotic Solutions´

`The Sea Looks Green When The Sky Is Grey´

`The Séance At Hobs Lane´

`The Seven Inch Series Vol. 1´ // `The Seven Inch Series Vol. 2´ // `The Seven Inch Series Vol. 3´

`The Shipwreck Bag Show´ // `Phonometak Series 1´

`The Silence Of Love´ // `Faces In The Rocks´

`The Snow Abides´

`The Soundtrack Of Your Secrets´

`The Space Lady`s Greatest Hits´

`The Spring Of My Life´

`The Stabbing´ // `Acephale´ // `in Fin dei Corpi´

`The Subliminal Relation between Planets - Live in Archiaro´

`The Sweetness Of The Water´

`The Sybian Sorority´

`The Tail Of The Tiger´

`The Tempest´

`The Thing Like Us´

`The Third Mind´

`The Third Season´

`The Time And The Room´

`The Topography Of The Lungs´

`The traditions of the past cannot be retrieved´

`The Treasures Are´ // `Up And Out´ // `The Balderin Sali Variations´

`The Unsaid Words´

`The Venetian Book of the Dead´

`The Way Of The Animal Powers´ // `Growing & Mark Evan Burden´

`The Webster Cycles´ // `Occasional Music´

`The Well Of Memory´

`The Well´

`The Western Lands´

`The Wheel´

`The White Side, The Black Side´

`The Whole Thing´

`The Williamsburg Sonatas´

`The World of Make Believe´

`The Wroclaw Sessions´

`The Year of the Dog´


`Theology / The Religious Experience´

`These Are The Days´ // `Harrisonford´

`Thing Music´

`Third segment´

`This Coming Gladness´

`This Is All I Had Time For´ // `Fonogram´ // `Camaraderie´

`This Place / Is Love´

`This Quiet Season´

`Thrīe Thrēo Drī ´

`Three Overpopulated Cities Built By Short-Sighted Planners, An Unbalanced And Quite Dangerous Airport And An Abandoned Church´

`Three Rooms´



`Thursday Evening´


`Ti Tolgo La Vita´ // `The Scum Album´ // `Violent Potato´


`Tiger Trush´ // `Funny Rat´ // `48´ // `Loose Community´ // `Bon Voyage!´

`Till my Breath Gives Out´

`Time-based Landascapes´

`Timing the 183k pulse: Eleven Intuitive Act on a Defined Vamp´

`Tirets´ // `Intimations´ // `Three Tracks´



`To Be An Animal Of Real Flesh´

`To Be Still´

`To Extend The Visibility´

`To Humble a Nest´ // `Days´

`To Play - The Blemish Sessions´

`To Seek´

`To the Naked Eye´

`To the River Lounge´

`Tóg è go Bog é´ // `Here Comes The Bear´

`Tone Sequence Evaluators´

`Tongue´ // `Presence´ // `Stun Shelter´


`Too Late´


`Topophonic Models´



`Township Nocturne´


`Tra me e il mare´

`Tracce D`Africa´

`Tracce XX´

`Tracing South´ // `Stereo´

`Tragol de Rova´ // `Lowest Shared Descent´

`Trans-Sister Radio´

`Transito dal leggiadro´

`Transmission Fields´


`Transmutation Of Things´

`Transparent Skin´

`Trapani - Halq Al Waady´



`Trebly´ // `Live At The Nervous Center´

`Trees In The Attics (An Homage To Hundertwasser)´

`Treize Onze Douze´ // `Reflet´ // `11:48 - 09:01´

`Tres Cosas´

`Triadic Memories´

`Triad´ // `Mokita´


`Triptych Mirror´ // `Lineal´


`Tromatic Reflexxions´

`Tropico Romagnolo´ // `Another Advanced Useless Machine´


`Trunkeret & Ikonisk´

`Truth in the end´ // `GenoaSoundCards´// `Wanderung´

`Tsuru No Sugomori´

`Tubb Tombstone´

`Tube Overtures´

`Turbulent Flow´ // `Tidal TM (Amphidromic Cotidal)´




`Tutti dicono guardiamo avanti´

`Tutti i colori del silenzio´

`Tutto Bano´

`Twig and Twine´

`Two (The Biographer)´

`Two Novels: Gaze / In The Cochlea´

`Two Sing Too Swing´ // `Two Creams Too Scream´

`Two`s Days / Tuesday´

`Typical Human Beings´

`U Bit´



`Uchu Ni Karamitsuiteiru Waga Itami´ // `Global Ancient Atmosphere´ // `Venerdì 30 Settembre 2005 - Teatro Ariosto´

`Ujamt / Harmony Hammond´

`Ultrasonic Bathing Apparatus´ // `Tape Crash #10´

`Um Argentino No Deserto´ // `Música De Baixa Fidelidade´

`Umber´ // `Selce´

`Un an´

`Un geco nella mia casa´

`Un incubo stupendo´

`Un Mondo in Me´

`Un Son Peut En Cacher Un Autre´

`Un tempo, appena´

`Un'estate senza pioggia´

`Una Nessuna Centomila´

`Una piccola tregua (Live)´


`Uncle Faust´

`Uncode Duello´

`Uncolored (swing'n'pop around rose)´

`Undecided (a family affair)´

`Under the Balcony´

`Uneasy Flowers´

`Uneven Same - Saxophone Quartets´


`Universal Prostitution´


`Unjust Malaise´

`Unknown Distances´ // `Blind Jesus´

`Unknown Shores´

`Uno Todo Tres´

`Unoccupied Areas´


`Unstable Friends´

`Unstringed Guitar & Cymbals´


`Untlited Songs´


`Upper Hell´





`Valve Division´ // `Piano Solo´

`Varda la luna´

`Variazioni Gracchus´

`Vedo Beat´


`Vehicles Of Travel´


`Venezia non esiste´



`Vento di maestrale´

`Very Rec´ // `This is Stunt Rock Vol. 3´

`Very Slow Disco Suite´

`Via Vespucci´ // `Vento Elektra´

`Video Music´




`Visible Music For Unheard Visions´

`Vittorio Cane´


`Voice In The Wilderness: Dissenting Soundscapes And Songs Of G. W.`s America´

`Voice Of Seven Woods´

`Voices Stomp Flames For Requiem Times´ // `I Can't Take My Head To See Higher Becouse The Sky Is Landing Over My Neck´


`Void´ / `Full´


`Vol 4´ // `Greatest Hits´ // `Fear The Windows´

`Vol1 Kolkhoznitsa´


`Volume 1´

`Volume 3 - r.u.g.h.e.´ // `Volume 4 - Onde´ // `Volume 5 - Demon Cycle, 1-9´

`Volume 3´


`Vor Feuerschlünden´


`Vostra Signora Del Rumore Rosa´

`Vous rªvez / Vous ne rªvez pas´


`Wahrnehmungen 1980-1981´

`Waiting For The Darkness´


`Walking into Sleep´

`Walking Mountains´

`Wander (Beequeen)´


`Wanna be Dino´ // `Delay Jesus `68´

`War Tales´

`Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters´


`Waspnest´ // `UpSet´

`Watch Me Getting Back The End´

`Water Mirror´ `Air Curtain´

`Wayward The Fourth´


`We Are All Counting On You, William´

`We Are All Pan's People´

`We Don`t Just Disappear´

`We Don`t Need The Outside´

`We Know Exactly Where Are Going´

`We Recruit´ // `It`s raining on one of my islands / Le petit chaperon beige´


`Weapon Of Choioce´

`Weather Report´

`Web Edition Series´ // `Black Corner (After The Beat Sessions)´



`Weightless Animals´

`Welcome To My World´

`Werthmuller´ // `Hypermagic Mountain´

`Wet Cats´

`Wet Summertime Bodies Play Harps Inside Snow Banks´

`We`ve tried nothing and we`re all out of ideas´

`Whale Heart, Whale Heart´

`What`s lost Is Something Important. What`s found Is Something Not Revealed.´

`When The Detail Lost Its Freedom´

`When The Rains Come´ // `Live at Cox 18, 17-10-2009´

`Where has it gone, all the beautiful music of our grandparents? It died with them, that`s where it went...´

`While I Was Walking, I Heard A Sound...´

`While my Beautiful Autumn Fell´

`White Eyes´

`White Rooms´

`Why Everything Ended Here?´

`Why Not Béchamel´

`Why Not´


`Wildflowers Under the Sofa´

`Witch´ // `The Golden Calf´ // `Il vespaio´

`Without Sinking´

`Without You I`m Napping´

`Wolfarth´ // `Drum Drama´

`Women Take Back The Noise´

`Wood(Winds) at Work´


`Words Delicate Flight´

`Words On The Floor´

`Wounded Breath´




`X-mas party´

`Xaxapoya / Dead Voices in the Temple of Error´

`xNObbQx / Harshcore split´

`Yawling Night Songs´



`Yellow´ // `Drawings / Back To The Plants´ // `Alchemy´

`Yesterday Night You Were Slepping At My Place´

`Yggia Vilyggia´

`Yhä Hämärää´

`You A Lie´

`You Fail Me´

`You Wait To Publish´

`Young Prayer´

`Your Future Our Clutter´

`Your Very Eyes´ // `Crumble´

`Yours Gray´

`You’re Either Standing Facing Me Or Next To Me´ // `Yurako´ // `My Lord Music, I Most Humbly Beg Your Indulgence In The Hope That You Will Do Me The Honour Of Permitting This Seed Called Keiji Haino To Be Planted Within You´

`Ys´ // `A Wolf In Sheep`s Clothing´ // `Melody Mountain´ // `Ephemeral´


`Yuletide´ // `Forcefields And Constellations´



`Zehn Tage (Touka)´

`Zen Crust´

`Zentuary´ // `Pasar Klewer´

`Zero Brane´

`Zero Submarine´

`Ziu Zau´

`Zodiaco Elettrico - Aidoru performs Karlheinz Stockhausen`s Tierkreis´

`Zona´ // `Time Service´


`Zurich Concerts (15 Years Of Kontrabassduo Studer-Frey)´







`[mezza luna piena]´

`[Two Variations]´

``Next´ Let`s Try Changing The Shape´ // `Black Blues´ // `Black Blues´ // `Undecided´

`« … »´


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